How to change stock set ?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JoeInCT, May 15, 2002.

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    I am a new Garand owner (CAI receiver, PB barrel, WRA trigger, SA bolt, walnut BMR stock, birch guards) and have ordered a new American Black Walnut stock set to "dress up" my Garand.

    Removing buttstock is simple, but the guards appear to be more complicated.

    I have ordered clip pliers for the rear guard.

    It's the front guard I'm not sure about.

    Do I have to remove the front sight, gas cyl lock screw & lock (ordered a lock wrench), and remove the gas cylinder from the barrel in order to get the old front guard off, or do I merely need to loosen the cyl enough to push it forward and pull the guard off from the top?

    If I have to remove the gas cyl, do I have to remove the op rod from the rear of the gas cyl before I remove the cyl itself?

    Any assistance would be sincerely appreciated.
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    Joe, you sound new to the Garand like I was a few months ago. I really recommend buying Scott Duff's Garand Owner's manual. Tells you how to be sure the rifle is safe and how to assemble/disassemble. To get the front hand guard off, you do have to take off the gas cylinder screw and lock. It's fairly easy. The combo tool that comes with the butt stock cleaning kit or the other combo tool that is also a bore brush works good. I have found that the rear hand guard then slides off pretty easy without having to use a special tool, but be careful with that rear hand guard

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    Fulton Armory and the CMP both have detailed teardown web pages. Seek and ya shall find.

    Remove trigger and stock group
    zRemove Op rod spring and op rod
    Remove gas cyl screw and gas cyl
    Remove forward wood (slips right off)

    Now the fun begins!

    See the little metal spring clip that goes over the rear wood and clips to both sides of the barrel?

    You have to get that bugger off. If you don't care about your wood, just stick a screwdriver under it and pry up. The wood will spit, and the spring will go boing!
    If your like the rest of us and cherish our wood. You will have to use two very small jeweler's screwdrivers and press both sides of the spring outward at the same time. Point it at a wall becuase the spring will go flying.

    Tool? We don't have no special tool ! :)
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    Real tree stock set

    I put on a real tree synthetic stock nad it works great I got from gunparts corp for around 90 bucks.

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    Thanx to all for your help, especially you, JackT.
    Duff's book is great.
    Got it all apart, got it all back together.
    It looks great in new walnut!