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    Found these two websites, they look legit enough and today after work I am going to dad's to grab the 700-.30-06 and going to test it out!! I'm anxious to see when this rifle was mfg'd.

    Remington Society of America - questions/barrelcodes
    ^ The above link shows how to date your rifle by barrel codes, we'll see what it shows on my .30-06 today.

    Remington Society of America - questions/FR01
    ^ The other link above shows a scanned book of Remington Rifles and shotguns by date. I will try the barrel code way first and then test it against this method!
  2. The serial number notes only goes back to about 1936 and before that they are all hand written.

    I have been a member of the society for about 10 years and I have read about everything there is to read about Remington and the date codes and I will verify that they are all accurate and up to date.