How to get a T.M

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  1. Anybody here know what you need to do to get a trade mark ?

    I was looking to see what forums was in my state and I found a site and I checked out the site and found one of the members had my name !!! ArkansasHunter....... I'm devastated !!! My reactions were IT CAN"T BE !!!! NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
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  2. Yes,

    contact the Patent Office in Washington, D.C. or go to their website.

    It will cost you and you may not want to do it. Also, it will be up to you to find out who is using your trademark name and inform them to quit.

    It will be easier if the question ever comes up for you to simply tell people someone else is using your internet name.

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    Have ya tried a tatoo parlor? I hear they trade marks around all the time in there?
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    LOL !! I knew this was gonna happen !!
  5. I did too !!! LOL Honest truth I was looking around to see what gun and hunting forums were in my state and I came apon one and joined it.

    To my surprise someone else had the name I use here LOL But they had'nt been around in a while.

    Anyone here can type in a search engine example:::post's and Threads made by SwedeSteve and you'll normally find forums he joined and post and threads he made if he used the same name as he use's here. Or someone else with the same name.

    That might can be a bad thing to, if you've posted somethings that might raise the eyebrow of goverment watch dogs, anti-gunners ect.
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    It's like 350ish for a trademark.

    Not always feasible to do.
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    I get irked too. I have been using "Never_Evil" for a long time and use it for 10 or so forums. I also have a few email addresses with my name, but still find a few people that use it on Facebook and Myspace and other places and it really sucks.