How to pronounce Aguila

Discussion in 'Ammunition Reports' started by BenchRest, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. BenchRest

    BenchRest G&G Addict

    While it doe’s have one of the most, say unique odors how do you pronounce Aguila?
  2. texnmidwest

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    I think I would pronounce it Ah-HE-LA, or Ah-e-la.

  3. toolman

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    Depends on where you live. Here, most people speak "Tex-Mex) and pronounce it ah-khee-ah or ah-ghee-lah, which means Eagle in Spanish.
  4. Mooseman684

    Mooseman684 G&G Newbie

    I say AH-Ghee-la...I had a friend in Florida with that last name.
  5. gandog56

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    I pronounce it...I don't shoot that crap!

  6. Mooseman684

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    Aguila is excellent ammo in My opinion , and I shoot a lot of it in .45 ACP and various .22 LR and SSS.
    Their 117 gr. ICQ ammo is great in a .45 and very accurate and deadly...
  7. hack1911

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    I run it in my 38 Super all the time, I like it. And I say Ah-gee-la too, but I think it is actually Ah-hee-la.
  8. in spanish, 'gui' is a hard 'g'... as in 'goner' or 'golly'. the letters 'gi' are pronounced as if the 'g' were an english 'h' as in 'hee hee hee'... now you're on your way to spanish 1A....
  9. SwedeSteve

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    Just call it tequila !!
  10. gandog56

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    All I can picture is Pee Wee in those white shoes.........:dance:
  11. NRAJOE

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  12. chesterwin

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    Mooseman and NRAJOE sound real close. (I couldn't help looking it up) The pronunciation guide said: uh geee laaa.