How to steal a bike

Discussion in 'Humor Forum' started by Rocky7, Apr 9, 2018.

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    I love those guys!
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  2. gandog56

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    I don't know. These guys just identified themselves. They may want to be careful stepping out at night when these thieves might just want to bust their heads.
  3. animalspooker

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    They have a great one where the lay a backpack out for stealing. People put it on and start to walk off. Then one of the guys says, "hey, you stole my pack!" The thief then takes off, but the pack it tied with a long rope to the light pole. The thieves dang near flip when they run out of rope.
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    roflmao.gif ROTFLMAO2.gif roflmao.gif ROTFLMAO2.gif roflmao.gif ROTFLMAO2.gif roflmao.gif
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