how would i know the year of pre owned handgun

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    Hi guys, I am currently living in thailand and planning to purchase my first hand gun. I have done a research and decided to get a sig sauer p226 9mm
    I dont know how to inspect a gun and also i have no idea how to find out how old the gun is. In thailand all the guns are imported and sold by local small gun shops so me finding a certified dealer is out of question.

    It is very important for me to get the best value out of the gun because in thailand an avarage handgun is 4 times more expensive than the guns sold in usa. "preowned sig p226 is going around $2600.00"

    thanks in advance
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    I have no answer to your question. But I do have a sugestion. Take up gunsmithing as a hobby. At the prices you mentioned, you could make a killing there. How to books and parts would seem to be alot cheaper than the imported firearm itself

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    i wish i had free time to get more involved with guns. i bet its very exciting and satifying hobby. i am buying a gun because of protection, here in thailand beeing jumped on street is very common for foreigners. And also when i see th sig p226 i fell in love with it, very mascular very handsome gun and looks great with the right holster and a matching suit :). i know people will say carrying a gun is a serious thing etc. but like many people have different reasons of having gun mine is protection and if i have it why not make it look good.
  4. The serial number well tell you the date of manufacture. I would check out the sig forums, I'm sure someone well help you with what to look for on a used Sig. Good luck.
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    Put ,bluebook of gun values, on your search bar and try to get the book.They have all of the prices and an article on how to classify your firearm as to percentage in value. sam.
  6. you can google serial numbers actually, several website

    my friend said in thailand he could have bought a revolver (im guessing illegally) for around 360 baut (spelling?)

    he visited for 3 weeks, some lady was selling them with sun glasses
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    Dan, you can always contact Sig directly via their website and ask them. Give them the serial number and they can tell you the month and year of manufacture.
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