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    Howdy to all! I am glad to be a part of this group and look forward to making some new friends, learning, and being a active member. New here? Yes. New to Guns? No. I grew up with them with my father being my mentor.

    In my younger days I reloaded my own loads and was at the range every weekend for 5 years. My job required a move, more of my time, and a new born pretty much put my passion for shooting on hold. That new born is now 29 and we go to the range every weekend now. Things have slowed down for me as far as time devoted to work(retired), but I do have a job 40 hrs. a week...8-5 M-F.. now that is sweet.

    Two years ago I had a pacemaker implanted. Anyone knowing anything about a pacer knows that they are normally placed on the left side under the collar bone... right next to the shoulder. Well folks, I'm left handed. Shooting a shotgun, or high recoil rifle from my left shoulder is out of the question.. so I am starting all over as a right handed shooter. Pistol doesn't affect it and that is all I've been shooting.

    I've never shot anything larger than a White Tailed Deer, and I love to Dove hunt. Heck, I just love to shoot at a tin can.

    Member NRA.

  2. Welcome to G&G ManlyTexan. thats a nice history with guns you have. Hope to see you around the forum and glad to have you aboard :)

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    welcome to G&G....ENJOY
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    Glad to have you with us. We have a great bunch of folks here. Enjoy the site.
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    ManlyTexan: Sir; Welcome from NC.
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    Howdy from SE Texas. Enjoy the site!
  7. Welcome to G&G ManlyTexan. Glad to have you with us. Enjoy.
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    Welcome to the site! :)
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    Welcome aboard, we're happy to meet you. Get to know all the good folks here, we even got some purty smart ones! And we got some purty, purty smart ones who happen to be gun loving ladies!
  11. Welcome from Hoosier State
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    Sounds like we're in the same neighborhood, welcome aboard!
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    Glad you found us!! I like tin cans also... but they are a little hard on the digestive system..:) Welcome aboard!! Hope you enjoy the site and we will see you around the forums...

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    Welcome and enjoy the forum!