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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by taras, Mar 28, 2002.

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    You can't please all the people, all the time.:rolleyes: I understand that we are guests on this site, and must abide by any regulations the moderators deem fit to apply. The rules for the forum are clearly posted, and after a gentle reminder from the moderator I believe we all try to follow.
    I will admit some of the jokes were getting a little racy, but knowing you are entering a humour forum, and knowing they are just jokes, I don't think too many people were truly offended were they?
    :confused: I suppose some people didn"t like the content, and no, I would't want my 14 year reading or telling some of these jokes. However I don't like her viewing the porno popups, or the unsolicited e-mail for porn sites.
    These are things we have no control over, and can't prevent.Some of the porn sites give no indication of what they are, and do use some sneaky wording to get you to enter :mad: I am not complaining, and do my best to follow the rules, but I feel that no-one should complain abt. the content. They have an option, if you don't like it don't view it. There is not that option with popups etc.
    I hope I haven't ticked any of the moderators by what I've said and am sorry if I did. You guys are doing a great job, and ARE working hard to make this an enjoyable site for all to use. I'm just sorry you got so much negative on 1 small issue, rather than positive feed back on all the great work you do. I don't know of other sites where women and children can go and find forums dedicated to them.
    I'd like to say thanks guys for having such a site that we all can enjoy.
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    I think we all need to look at the goals for Jesse and Chris which is to put a site together that you might let you kids on to do research and ask questions and learn about our sport and interests. I know I got a good joke about relationships but even with some of the intents of it I would only e-mail it. I know that I wouldn't want any kid of mine looking at the content like you mentioned and we have to censor ourselves as well. The nice thing is that Jesse has provided us with the private message tool so we can send those more riskae jokes that way

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    I have learned taht any joke with BillClinton it it just crosses the line, I find it hard to find a good clean joke, and Ifind older ladies, I would never hear a curse word telling jokes about his wool PJ's, well it just makes me wonder sometimes.

    But yes I think it is great Jesse, and Chris are doing a site that anyone can use and such! Keep it up guys, dont let the negative people get you down!
  4. I must be missing something.......who got chastised? I mean, was it me with something I said (heck, I only posted one joke and that was in the Veterans room by accident.

    Beside, I'm nosey and want to know, lol.
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    From my understanding, they have been getting nasty jokes, such as "Ruby Ridge" jokes, and such that are just wrong, immoral, and just flat out gross.

    I agree they are nasty, and from what I understand people complain their is too little so called "censorship" there. Go figure.