Hundreds of APC's moving through Texas

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  1. chesterwin

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    I wonder if they are going to be auctioned off as surplus? If so, how do we go about registering to bid?

  2. Looks like older milsurp M113's and M115's. Some of the camo paint jobs looks to be National Guard type stuff. More foreign aid?? They don't look to be trimmed out enough to be active units.
  3. Twitch2120

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    those arent DOD flatcars. they arent US property anymore. when our military ships armor they are on gov't owned flatcars with the company designation of DODX. those are TTX flatcars which are owned by the 5 class 1 railroads in the united states. those tanks are headed overseas.
  4. MosinMan

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    Even then, there are several companies in Texas that build stuff like this. Nothing to be worried about.
  5. BarryHalls

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    +1 to the guys saying they aren't military anymore.

    They appear to be outdated, nothing we are currently using. They look like first gulf war APCs, no bradleys or strikers.
  6. Brother Bob

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    Here's to hoping we sold that stuff to a foreign country and actually made some money off of the sale.........
  7. dills

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    i wonder if we sold them this time instead of just giving them away.
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    Considering it's a train, the quantity isn't surprising. They don't typically ship just a handful around, they ship them in larger quantities most of the time. I also think that we shouldn't jump to any conclusions either.
  9. Brother Bob

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    Sure they do. When I lived in Rossville, TN., the railroad tracks were right behind my house, and anything going to or leaving Memphis came by my house. I used to see one or two cars with some tanks, jeeps, etc. all the time. I don't ever recall a train with nothing but military hardware.
  10. Tracer

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    a drop in the bucket
  11. TheLastMountain

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    They sold them down in Mexico to the drug cartel....Hope not.
  12. Brother Bob

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    There ya go! BATFE got caught allowing guns over the border, so lets see how much heavy military equipment makes it into the hands of the drug cartels before anyone notices that something is terribly wrong! LOL!

  13. As of lately, I wouldnt be that supprised if I heard they did that.
  14. aaalaska

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    Shoot that stuff looks like it served the same time I did, that was a long time ago.
  15. grizcty

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    Those are M 113 & M 577.

    I love those old rigs.
    And some day will own one.

    This could be part of the BRAC moves too.
  16. Most of those are M113A3s which are still in use today by the U.S. and half the countries of the world. The mobile command vehicles and medical [tracks] are still in use too. The M113A3s look like they came from a number of units and areas of the world, probably headed to the Red River Army Depot to be refurbished and modified, which includes a protective "pipe cage" attached to the hulls. I noticed what looked like some M1A1 (or A2) MBTs on the rail cars closest to the engines. The U.S. does provide M1 Tanks as foreign aid but without the reactive armor and other advantages used only on U.S. military M1A2s.

    For what it is worth, DoD is not the only mover of military vehicles and equipment. The U.S. Army's Transportation Command has a long list of civilian contract movers at their beckon call, as does the Air Force's Air Mobility Command. Vehicle refurbishment is a big deal these days. Before I flew into Iraq, I stayed at the sprawling Camp Arifjan complex in Kuwait. Red River Army Depot has a duplicate tracked and wheeled vehicle depot in the center of the Camp Arifjan which is less like a "camp" and more like a good size city in the middle of the desert.

    Finally, I see trains longer than that rolling into the old Naval Weapons Station-Charleston which is now a 27,000 acre "multi-service" support facility which includes access to the Military Sealift Command out of Charleston.
  17. rando

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    Maybe they are going to send them off to Libya. Im waiting for our government to help arm the residents fighting the loyalists.
  18. CrazyIvan

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    These old dogs...maybe they are being re-instated.

    Maybe they are going to mount .50s up top, line them along the border and fill them with Marines. :mischievous:

    LOL, right, as if we could be so lucky.

    Most of those look like Vietnam-Era M113's. They could be being sent to the National Guard, NATO, foreign governments, or simply for private sales. But, I doubt they are anything to do with a current US military operation. If it was, they would be covered up, escorted and transported in the dark.

    EDIT: Another possibility is that they could be being sent to various SWAT units around the country for conversion and use... - UH-OH... :saevilw:
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