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    My buddy had a squirrel problem. Wife bought a Ruger 22 pellet gun package, with scope. He has now killed over 50 squirrels with it, he only takes head shots. I have seen him kill maybe 20 deer out to 400 yards and only recall him missing one deer, so he is a great shot anyway. Says it is good to 40 yards for head shots.

    Anybody got an air bow? A handicapped state rep got them approved in Michigan for handicapped hunters. Can be used with one hand, supposed to be much better than a crossbow for people with only one arm.

    Lots of Utube showing hunting hogs with them.

    What next?
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    New York
    Lewis and Clark took an airgun with them when they made their journey across the country to the Pacific. They seemed to mostly use it to impress the Native American tribes, but it was powerful enough to be used as an infantry rifle by the Austrian Army, and presumably L&C also hunted with it. If the air reservoirs had been less delicate and easier to manufacture, it might have been more popular with hunters here.

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    Lewis and Clark rifle was for sure ahead of its time. Pumping up the air pressure in the metal stock. They still use the same design on some air rifles to this day.
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    Ii have many air rifles and mostly pellet. I found out that the 22 pellet is a much better pellet for squirrels. Squirrels are harder to kill than a rabbit with pellets. The larger size 22 cal is more shocking power than the 177 pellet. Also like you noted in your posting to make all head shots. A squirrels hide and body is so tough that a pellet to the body will rarely penetrate it. I have found out from experience as I have killed many, many dozens of problem squirrels. A BB will actually penetrate the hide but have to hit vitals with it. I have taken all with a head shot. I also use a nice scope that is worth more than the rifle for pinpoint accuracy. Only way to dispatch them an do so humanely.
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    I cheat, when it comes to squirrels. 12 Gauge makes sure they "pest" no more!
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    Death by lead poisoning.
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  7. The newer air rifles are NOT TOYS like from the 60's these are great for precision shooting and hunting , I have a Benjamin Titan Gas Ram in .22 and a Hatsan Torpedo 105X Gas Ram in .25 I use both for target and small game hunting plus PEST control .
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  8. I hear the Lord Whitmer said NO to the AIR BOW for hunting just the other day !
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    Absolutely NO BETTER way to learn rifles and basics of shooting and firearms than with an air rifle.

    Many many many times I've had a "My wife wants to learn..." student giggling and comment, "This is fun." For that matter any one else, just getting out the air rifles to sort out the foundations for handling firearms and using them.

    If you aren't having fun, you aren't learning, and soon as it is over, its over. It has to be fun for people to WANT to take up a recreational past time.

    One of the best tools I've ever used for teaching "sight alignment".

    Sight alignment 2.jpg

    Sight alignment 1.jpg
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    Where I live a fair bit of the time in TX, cheating draws too much attention.

    Suppressed MP-15/22 with shorts/CB caps works like an air rifle.

    Although since it's a centerfire suppressor VERY little rimfire goes through it. Then again, if there was any traces of crap or small amounts of lead it was burned out today.
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    I used to hunt squirrel with a shotgun. But I really hate biting down on a lead pellet!
    I switched to .22LR, then to pellet rifle. Accurate, sufficiently deadly for rodents, quiter, lighter and cheaper.
    Win Win for me.
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