Hunter Biden 'possession of controlled substance' charge kept under wraps while father led drug war

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    Classic Democratic "Do as I say, not as I do."

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    information: plus being paid by foreign entities for nothing

    As former Vice President Joe Biden fights through a rocky period in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, his son, Hunter Biden, is opening up about his foreign business dealings and tumultuous personal life.

    In an interview with The New Yorker published Monday, Hunter Biden spoke candidly about his struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, his complicated relationships with women, his lucrative overseas work – and the implications those controversies could have on his father’s political fortunes, even as the former vice president remains atop the gaggle of Democratic presidential candidates.

    (MORE: Biden sidesteps questions about his son's foreign business dealings but promises ethics pledge)
    “I’m saying sorry to him,” Hunter Biden told the New Yorker, “and he says, ‘I’m the one who’s sorry,’ and we have an ongoing debate about who should be more sorry. And we both realize that the only true antidote to any of this is winning. He says, ‘Look, it’s going to go away.’ There is truly a higher purpose here, and this will go away. So can you survive the assault?”
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    Commucrat Congresscriminals!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
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