Hunters become the hunted.

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    :mad: I knew it would happen!! Cops were in my apt. block, on a matter of no relation. They were checking the I.D of people in a common area. I produced my gun permit as photo I.D. I was asked if I had a gun in the building and told them I had, in my suite, totally locked, and secured.
    The next day plain cloths showed up, demanding to see it, and to check if proper storage tequnics were used. I had it done beyond the requirements, they were impressed by how secure I had it.
    My beef is the reason they were in the building had nothing to do with me, yet I was treated like a criminal during the inspection!!
    In the futue I will refuse to show unless I personally am involved in a legal investigation.
    What happened to the rights that our soldiers fought for?:assult:
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    That sounds like a horror story. Let's say that when the plain clothes guys showed up, you just happened to be cleaning it. I agree with you, don't ever volunteer the gun info. That's a shame.

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    I'm no lawyer but here's my opinion...

    First of all...I am not a legal expert or a LE representative...just someone who has lived a long time trying to follow the laws.

    The legal question to me is: Does LE have legal authority to follow up on a "suspicion" other than the one they're officially investigating?

    I'm under the belief that if LE has reason to stop and investigate someone for an illegal act, and that if another and separate illegal act is observed during that investigation, LE may take action as if the illegal action was the first objective.

    That doesn't excuse LE for abusing the person being investigated, if that should occur.

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    In my dealings with the friendly and cooperative folks at the IRS I happened upon an occassion to consult with an few attornies (Every day for 6 months at $150 per hour...but Im not bitter) any case the advice I got from them is have the right to remin silent...exercise that right. I was told that if pulled over..cop at door what ever...bel plesent and NON threating....present my Drivers Lic and other such paper work that they can request to see...then shut up! Dont try the legal begal as seen on tv stuff...dont consent to nothing...dont volenteer nothing be polite and non threating and quiet. I asked after I got pulled over for a burned out headlight and the officer seeing paper targets and skeet clays asked if he could "check the van". Now I have a Dodge mini van..the seats are 12" off the floor and the entie thing except the glove compartment can be seen from outside...being nice I said sure go for it......they searched that van 4 times convinced I must have a firearms stash inside it...In Florida no paperwork or permits to have or transport NON concealed weapons. I kept getting the well you have targets so you must have a gun and since we cant see it it must be conceled speach....after 1 hour took my fix it ticket and went day my attorny told me Shut up..ask for Probalable cause/warrent and demand a supervisor if the cop gets testy....Now I got my Attorneis card taped to my DL...dash board and a few around the house.

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    Resistance is futile, we will all be assimilated someday...thats what they'd like to happen...:assult: :nod:
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    You guys are so much nicer than I.

    I would have told them to F off and get a warrant.

    The cops can't come into our homes and check for firearms UNLESS they have due cause and or a warrant.

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    this scares me as i know the exact thing could have happened to me. but personnally i wouldn't have let them in. it is my understanding that if anyone is to check how you store your firearms it has to be your local firearms officer, not the police. sometimes and under certain circumstances he will be in the company of police officers, but if he wasn't there and they didn't have a warrent, they would be seeing a whole lot of door and that's about it. but thats just me. To each his own.