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    Just Moved Idaho up in the Mountains its great every person met here real nice first day here probaly met every person on mountain no more rat raceing and some people even brought over some homemade rasberry jelly really tasty already seen bear can't wait till 6 months cause then go hunting got to be residence before go hunting so many deer and elk hunting every thing you could want went huckleberry hunting lol air isclean never thought id move here post some of your storys hunting in grangeville Idaho or any where in idaho
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    Glad to hear from you and glad you like it.Never lived there but I hear it gets a little boring when snowed in.Hope you have the best of everything. ,,,sam.

  3. Sheldon there's a member here named IdahoDave who does'nt come around as often as he use to. It's possible he may live near by you, you might consider sending a personal message and introduce yourself.
    When he joined gun and game he had a lot of great hunting storys and pictures to share, plus he's one heck of a great guy.

    I'd almost bet he can help you and possible take you hunting, you never know.
    He hunts everything and would be a good person to get to know.

    Anyways WELCOME to GUN and GAME feller !!! Were happy to have you aboard and thats a fact !!! Enjoy...A.H