Hunting season 2010

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by Rambo, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Rambo

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    Yesterday I was finally able to find time to hit the woods and do a little hunting. I managed to whack a nice doe with an arrow. Seven came in and I waited for the bigger one to come closer and put her down.
    Next week I leave for western South Dakota and hunt some antelope with another buddy of mine. I'm back for three weeks before I head to Texas with another buddy and we hunt hogs, Fallow deer and maybe a ram. Then it's back to Iowa to continue our deer season until January 31st of 2011. In between the training and then work, it's a wonder I can find time to hunt. Oh yeah, another 3 day weekend training at Ft. Leavenworth this weekend too.
    Hunting keeps me sane!

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  2. Hey Rambo good to see ya back on. I was wondering if you were alright, I hadnt seen you on in a while.

  3. grizcty

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    Welcome back.

    Nice deer!
  4. Rambo

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    Working every %#[email protected]!& day for months it seems. Now's when I take vacation off and on until the end of March to hunt. I cancelled a trip to Manitoba to caribou hunt so I could send the Mrs to Puerto Vallarta with her friends in January. Maybe another time. There's still Alaska. So many animals, so little time.
  5. SwedeSteve

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    Welcome back !! Thats one nice doe !!
  6. 99z28monster

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    Welcome back! That is a fine looking doe you tagged. I wish I could shoot a doe as well, antlered deer only though.