Hunting story Funny BUT....

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    I had a freind of mine tell me about a friend of his whio has some land in Montana and decided to take a guest home to hunt one time. The story goes....

    I'm going to drop you off here and drive down to the other end of the pass and drive a herd of deer back this way. Get ready when you hear me honking get ready to shoot.
    So the guys goes down there starts driving the deer back up and begins honking. He gets back to his guest and looks around to see no DEER. WHere are they at? Didn't they come by here.

    The guest answers yes but I wasn't ready.

    Why not I told you they were coming.

    He replies, I thought you were pulling my leg.

    So anyway the guy says OK OK Im going to go down to the other end and drive them back and get ready when you hear the horn.
    So th eguy starts driving them back and starts honking. He hears BAM>> BAM >>BAM>>BAM >>BAM.

    He gets there and sees five deer laying around. The guy looks up and says I got them that time.
    He then asks his guest howmany tags he had.

    The guy replies: 2!

    This is funny but also sad in a way.