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  1. Moroco Mole

    Moroco Mole G&G Evangelist

    As a glasses wearer who cannot wear contacts and who is not ready for lazersurgery. I figured I'd start this thread on hunting with glasses.
    Just wanting to hear some of your stories, pet peaves,advice ect... maybe we can learn from each other.And if we can laugh at our self a bit that's ok too!
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  2. neophyte

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    Moroco Mole: Sir, as a "lifer" glasses wearer :) rain, snow, sleet, hail, sweat, fogging :)
    hahahaha. We know the aggravation of the "smudge":) Exactly the middle :)
    Yes I'm thankful for my vision enhancements. :)

  3. Moroco Mole

    Moroco Mole G&G Evangelist

    I also have worn for life.Seams I've spent most of my time fiddling with the things:cool: It's a LOVE hate relationship.
  4. I'm a long term bifocal wearer and trust me, there are times it drives me nuts. The work around I came up with might not work for anybody else, but I'll toss it out.

    I leave my bifocals in the car and take a pair of reading/magnifying glasses with me in case I need to do some close up work. My distance vision is pretty good and I'm not going to take a shot if the critter is farther away than I can see clearly without glasses or a scope.

    SUBMOA G&G Evangelist

    First thing on when I wake. Last thing off at bedtime. I am thankful for the vision I have, the glasses not so much. Yes it is nice to see clearly but I can't stand wearing them. I tend to wear a ball cap pulled down low. The shade factor , my eyes seem extra sensitive to the sun low on the horizon. Where is the sun during the two most productive times of the day? Also the brim of the cap aids keeping the glasses lens dry . Also my vision and attention seem more focused with the brim low. My .02
  6. 870shooter1

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    Before I switched to contacts, I had glasses with polarized coating but clear lenses. Seemed to help with the glare of morning and evening sun.

    Try to find an optometrist that is familiar with your needs as to shooting. Be as accurate as possible as you can in describing your needs. They can make the lenses with the optical center weighted towards the portion of lens you see the sights through.

    Several specialized makers come to mind, with Decot Hy-wyd being my favorite.

    Now days, the eyes are the least of my issues! (Old age sucks)
  7. Moroco Mole

    Moroco Mole G&G Evangelist

    My current hunting fix as far as glasses go, is that I just got a pair made without the bifocals and with the old type brown transition lenses, just for hunting.$180:confused:
    I have already converted most of my rifles to see through scope mounts. Sights set to 50 yards ...scope set to 100 TO 200yards(35 AND75 for my shotty)THIS helps with my inability to focus quickly and let's me see to X AMOUNT OF YARDS if something we're to happen to my glasses.
    I also CARRY an older pair of my bifocals just in case. Only problem I have wit the see through scope mounts is that I tend to have to sight in the scopes more.
  8. Moroco Mole

    Moroco Mole G&G Evangelist

    Ps.anyone else have a problem with using a bow. The glasses seam to get in my way of a proper draw. And I definatly need them to shoot a bow.Any ideas on this.
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  9. 870shooter1

    870shooter1 G&G Evangelist

    Chat with your optometrist. Let them know how you are shooting, stance, etc.

    Have them build the glasses YOU need...
  10. jerry

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    Have had mine for 2 yrs now. (Used readers 3-4 yrs prior)

    I jumped right into tri focals. Yep, love hate is the word. Most issues are fogging up and hard to adjust focus on scope. Irons are a bit tricky too.
  11. I really don't know what to say, I just went & got some new glasses yesterday after having eye surgery two & a half months ago, well ordered em, I'll let you know more in about a week !.......
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  12. Kmcdowell

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    Omaha NE
    I don't do a lot of long distance shooting with a long gun, so I just look into the scope with the middle section of my trifocals and seem to do OK. For pistol shooting, my Sig P320RX is a God send. It enables me to focus solely on my target and simply place the red dot over the point of impact. Don't have to focus on the sites or scope at all. Works out well 99% of the time.
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  13. Sav .250

    Sav .250 G&G Evangelist

    Back in the day glasses were a must. I was kind of rough on them so they were either bent way out of shape or I popped the glass out of the frame. Or just broke stuff.
    Funny part, when hunting didn`t need to wear them. Maybe it was the cold weather. Who knows.
    Been using a scope for many years so that may have helped as well.
    Looking back glasses were not a problem for me while hunting. Occasional fogging accepted.

    Finally qualified for eye surgery............Got them both done. One at a time of course.
    All I can say is.... what a major difference!!
    I can`t over state that either.

    Forgot to Add: Don`t need glasses any more !
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  14. Pronsias

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    I wear contacts, but I'm not interested in trying to jam them in my eyes with dirty hands at 5 am, so glasses while hunting.

    Also not into paying $$$ so Zenni Optical gets my business. I went for more functional frames. I would recommend anti-fog coating (forgot that last time), and maybe transition tinting.

    Also make sure your prescription is up to date by actually using a gun. Most of mine are irons so when I finally pulled out the scope the crosshairs were blurry. Luckily I had plenty of time to hit the optometrist and get a new pair.