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I Ain't Sure What To Think

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by gandog56, Apr 16, 2018 at 1:16 AM.

  1. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    A couple weeks ago, my brother who lives out in Milwaukee came down for two weeks. So of course, all three of us boys decided we were going to go on a combination fishing and shooting range trip. Little bro (Yeah, the Libtard one) suggested we try some bass fishing ob the Mobile river delta, where there was a game management are that had a free rifle range. So we decided to get the shooting done frs. I had brought a few things down, including my new 10mm Carbine which I jiust had some trigger work done in. I was shooting away, saying yowsa, the gunsmith dod a good job on the rigger when this good old boy and hos buddy walked up. He said Waht y'all shooting there. So I said it's a 10mm Carbine that uses Glock double stack magazines. He looks at me kind of funny and say's I bet the (N-Words) don't bother you much do they. I was like speechless just kind of staring at him when he doubles down. Yeah, I bet y'all could kill a whole bunch of (N-words) with that thang. I kind of mumbled something and then said well, we gotta go while the suns still up for some fishing.
    I've been thinking about it a lot. My Gawd, there's STILL people like that down here.
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  2. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    Ganny, there are still cretins and idiots everywhere.
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  3. grizcty

    grizcty God, Guns, Glory Forum Contributor

    That crap is everywhere.
    Also, that door swings both ways.
    in my opinion, it has gotten a lot worse in the last 9 years.
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  4. neophyte

    neophyte Wonderment :) Forum Contributor

    gandog56: Sir; disgusting creature you have met.
    Kind that will spoil entire an entire day and nights
    "grizcty" says it best
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  5. Kmcdowell

    Kmcdowell G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Omaha NE
    When I was a kid, it was common place to hear that kind of language, but over the last 30 years, it has gotten quite scarce. At least up in this part of the country. It saddens me to hear that someone would use that kind of revolting rhetoric so casually..... North, South or anywhere else.

    Yet, I'm one to talk. This morning I'm sitting here at McDonald's in the Des Moines area and a transgender person delivered my breakfast. Out of reflex, I said "thank you sir.... I mean ma'am" and the person responded by saying "hey, no problem". I appreciated the fact that this person responded with kindness rather than chewing me out by not properly recognizing their perceived gender. My nature has no place or respect for transgenders, but regardless of a persons ethnicity, religion or gender, they are still people and worthy of a modicum of respect.
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  6. TACAV

    TACAV G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor


    I think it's just more blatant and people stopped hiding it.
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