I am a Commieforninan now..

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  1. I have only my .22 Marlin Model 60 with CCI Stingers..

    My arsenal layeth in my fortifiied storage unit somewhere in Metropolitan Tucson...
    I have come here to help Ma and Pa with the family hearing aid business.

    My son now wants a .22 M4 or a GSG..the Model 60 just isn't cool anymore..and they happen to be pretty cheap at Big 5 right now..
    So if there are any G&G'rs who live near Long Beach and would like to get together and talk about the Reagan years over some beef and beer..PM me..

    Until Nov. when I go back for some huntin and some shootin back in the good ol' USA (Arizona for you, non gun totin' states)

  2. is that the gun you brought with you from tucson? those mags are fixed-ten rounders, right? i'd drive south for the weekend to help you shoot that!

  3. grizcty

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    Gonna have to turn in, your gun owners man card.:17:

    Before you turn into a pinko liberal loving, Pelosi supporter! :worried:
  4. would that be a requirement before he can move on to ak after a brief stop here?
  5. grizcty

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    It WOULD be.
    If he was moving to Los ANCHORAGE! LOL
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    New York
    Twin 20mm Oerlikons. Which ship are those mounted in? I heard the city of San Diego was trying to turn the Midway-class USS Hornet into a floating museum/war memorial. Is that where those are?
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    I am glad you are in a position to help your parents out. That is a very honorable thing to do. If you ever make it up to Anchortown, I'll issue you a new card and give you some guns to boot !! Then we'll round up the Alaska boys and head over to Grizz's place.
  8. .22guy

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    What guns did you leave behind? Chances are you could have brought most of them with you, no 10+ size mags though.
  9. if san diego wants it, they'll have to take from our cold dead hands. the hornet is a museum already, in port at alameda. if anyone in the sf bay area hasn't been on it yet, they should. it's a really nice piece of history!
    HOME PORT - Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet Museum
  10. TACAV

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    Im sorry for your loss.
  11. Ten Man

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    Life, as you knew it, is over.

    What an incredible act of self-sacrifice.

    Your parents are very lucky to have such a devoted son.
  12. jerry

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    Your a good man for helping parents. I'm sure you will adapt to get back into your hobby after you settle in and get the lay of the land.