I am back!!!

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  1. PAPA G

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    Wensday yesterday, At 8 o'clock in the morning I turned on my computer but the start up page never came on. The screen turned black and added 2 arcs each one had 5 small with circles. It rose up from under the black then they went up rotated twice then went back under then returns again many times. There was no information of what they were doing.
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  2. blaster

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    space aliens!!
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  3. Ten Man

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    Welcome back, PAPA G!
  4. TXplt

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    Welcome back sir and glad you're here !
  5. animalspooker

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    Wouldn't be the same without ya!
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    Welcome back Papa G.
    Next time turn the computer on, before you add anything strong your coffee. ;)
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    PAPA G: Sir; you’ve been missed :)
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  9. Jim Bridger

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    The "Tommy Knockers," from the Kentucky Coal mines have attacked your Puter.:D
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  10. mitchr

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    Glad you're back & join the crowd Papa G. 'Puters have always done weird stuff 'round me. The times I got in from the field early enough to catch anyone in the office, they didn't even want me walking by their desk when they were on the computer.:oops:
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  11. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    Welcome back. Sometimes it seems the only fix for a computer is a BFH [​IMG]Lol!
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