I am called a princess. I take orders from no one."

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    I once was on a plane where I was served by an obviously gay male flight attendant. At one point, he bounced over to where I was sitting and said, "The Captain has asked me to announce that he will be landing the big scary plane shortly, so if you could just put up your trays, that would be great."
    I did as he had instructed but the woman sitting next to me did not. A few moments later, our flight attendant came back and said to her: "Ma'am, perhaps you couldn't hear me over the big scary engine, but I asked you to please put up your tray so that the captain can land the plane." She still wouldn't comply. Now he was getting angry and asked her again to put up the tray. She then calmly turned to him and said: "In my country, I am called a princess. I take orders from no one."
    Our flight attendant replied: "Oh yeah? Well, in MY country, I'm called a queen and I outrank you, b i t c h, so put the tray up!":rolleyes:
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    This has the makings of a ulitimate fighting championship cage match...we should get it going, like Howard Stern does with his fighting flunkies!

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    Stay away from me.

    Yuk! Hope I never get on a plane with a gay guy trying to wait on me. I'd get air sickness immediately. Takes only about two words from them and I can spot them a mile away. They're mannerism is so repulsive I just about throw up every time.
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    It never did understand the weird speech, lisping, and limp wrist thing. About a third of the gay men I have encountered (I do not look for them, I just work with a lot of people in my job) really are like that. I lways had the impression that they could speak and act normally if the wanted. Any psychiatrists out there that can explain the lisp thing and other mannerisms of "happy" men?

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    blahhh!!!:throwup: They make me want to retch all over their pink and red shoes!