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I probably shouldn't admit this but I "lost" one of mine about 2 years ago. A Ruger SR9 and it had three, full, 17 magazines with it. My late wife had bought that for me some 15 years ago. I looked all over and just could not figure where I lost that.
I even wondered if somehow I had left it at the range on one of those days where I had several other handguns with me.
I recalled using 4wd to get in the range in the snow and might not have seen it if it fell out of the box. But that didn't "fit" because I use revolvers when in snow so I don't lose brass.
I was reluctant to ask around if anyone found one and I really did not believe I had left it anywhere.
I looked in every nook and cranny. I recall stashing a pistol in a locked outbuilding in case I needed one and couldn't get back into the house. But that was not the one.
I began to feel like a real idiot and was feeling the loss of one of my "little sheep".

I started getting some hunting gear ready a couple of months ago, and pulled out a small field pack that I hadn't used in a long while. And there was my little sheep - the SR9!

Lessons learned? Yup!
#1 CRS Syndrome creeps up due to ordinary distractions! All the more reason to stick with the old habits so I don't have to remember.
#2 If I can't remember where I left a pistol in my's a good thing to have others available until I stumble across it again.
#3 If a Biteme/Harlot Gestapo should try to seize my guns, there's a good chance I won't remember owning them anyway. (don't believe that)
Just enough? Nah!

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I have more than enough guns in general for my needed purposes too...but I just can't figure out how to stop them from mating in the gun vault. Seems like every time I turn around another arrives.:D
Mindy - I have been using some small partitions for separating all handguns. Been a while now and it seems to be working, although I think at times I can hear a little "action" coming from my safe. :censored:
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