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I believe...

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by albrrt, Jun 30, 2002.

  1. albrrt

    albrrt G&G Newbie

    I believe this post will be deleted before it’s seen by the membership of this column. Why?? Because it’s not in favor of one of the sponsors. Oh, yes, I, too, started a small business (out of the trunk of my car) several years ago and built it into a something that can at least provide an income for my family. I didn’t even have a garage like Buddie and Meg Daniel in Smyrna, Georgia in 1987.

    I ordered a combo package of mags, AK c type windage and elevation tool, and broken shell extractors from Tapco. Cost $120. Paid! Why order from them?? Because they supported a discussion group that I thought was WORTHY. And this same discussion group was not another internet casualty because of their sponsorship! This same discussion group (Yes, it’s all of you) has helped me many times what I’ve paid to it and it was time to return what was given. I believed that this would help it and me.

    Obviously, I was mistaken! The combo pak was completely mis-advertised and was so poorly made it couldn’t fit. Two out of the three tools ordered broke with the first use. (I was afraid to use the third and haven’t yet.) I notified Tapco. They sent out replacements for the broken tools and I returned the poor quality merchandise. The replacements came in and the c type broke on first use again. I notified Tapco. So far, nothing. Why?? Because I tried to treat the reps of this company like human beings. I didn’t act like some ballistic a**.

    Whining-hell no! Warning-yes! If you think paying over $30 in shipping and handling for $10 worth of parts that you can’t trust is tooooooo much then spend your money in other places than Tapco.
  2. Albrrt,

    I, for one, thank you for your post. We all have had bad experiences and I think that each of the members should feel an obligation to alert other members of possible problems with merchandise, safety issues, etc.

    Not too long ago I, too, bought an elevation and a windage C tool for my SAR3 at a local gun show. Mine broke also, almost immediately, too, in fact.

    I am suggesting that Tapco might not be intentionally selling any merchandise with the idea of pawning off faulty merchandise.

    I suggest that, perhaps, the sources of this merchandise are the ones passing off bad chit to retailers and wholesalers like Tapco and they need to put some heat on the suppliers.

    I can't, and won't, respond to their non-responsiveness you mentioned as I don't work for Tapco and I'm not fully aware of the circumstances you mentioned.

    I would hope that a resolution with Tapco will be the result.

    Perhaps representatives of Tapco will read your post and an amicable agreement will be reached.

    Regardless, stick around. You have shown you are willing to share information....the very thing this forum is founded on and the members want (and no...I'm not an administrator or advertiser...just a fellow shooter and gun lover like you.)

    Happy shooting Albrrt.
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  3. I have had many dealings with tapco with out any problems, they are a might high on the shipping but what I have ordered(all AR/15 parts and mags) worked and are working fine. I'm sorry you had a bad deal with them but I don't think the lovable admin is going to sensor you for trying to warn the rest of us.