I converted my Nephew yesterday!

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  1. OK we have a new convert to the Mosin Nagant ranks, I showed my Nephew my Mosins yesterday, he was so impressed that he asked me if I could run him out to our Big 5 so I did. He picked up a 1944 Izzy ex-sniper it is really nice. It's got the right era stock, all matching serials (the numbers on the floor plate on his are even painted in) and the bore is really clean. The stock shows some character and that's what he really liked. So we have another convert to the ranks of the Mosinites

    Hmmmm Mosinites wonder if we have to grow funny beards?
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    Good plan Mark. Baptize the young.

  3. gandog56

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  4. Yes, and wear traditional Cossack clothing, too.
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  5. I'm starting to grow a goatee...is that good enough? :smirk:
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    Isn't it easy? I mean anyone who can appreciate old world classic bolt action rifles would have to desire one once you have fired it. Especially once you find out you can score a nice one for around $100 beans just about anywhere and surplus ammo is everywhere and is dirt cheap. Does it get any better than that?

  7. I shaved mine off today LOL

    What a great find SM for a person's 1st. Mosin Nagant rifle. Let us know what his next Mosin is LOL
  8. nice! were they on sale for $99 down your way?
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    Now you have competition,just wait 'till he comes over to show you his new dragoon or Finn he just got for stupid cheap.

    Just kidding BTW.
  10. Yeah, he got the last one in the store, It's a beauty..

  11. Good thing for me where he lives the Big 5's don't carry guns..

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    It's great that these rifles and the surpluss ammo is so cheap. Unfortunately none of the ranges round these parts will let me shoot the darn stuff. I'm stuck with a bunch of ammo I cant shoot. I love living in Seattle But somethimes I wished i lived in the middle of nowhere just so I can shoot whenever an whatever I please. But I'll be damned if that will stop me from buying another Mosin and the ammo to go with it HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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    Must live in Kommie Kalifornia then.
  14. Yep, he's in one of the California no ammo zones.. Just makes him come up here to shoot. Thus we get to hang out together more!