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    The artical says it all....Caf..going broke and spending $$ like the bush twins at happ hour. :p
    "replace the term "pet owners" with "pet guardians"

    Published: Wednesday, July 24, 2002

    Words get pet lovers' hackles up

    By Mariel Garza
    Staff Writer

    A proposal by the city Animal Services Commission to officially replace the term "pet owners" with "pet guardians" has sparked a cat fight among Los Angeles City Council members and some pet lovers.

    The proposal has led to concerns that it could make the city vulnerable to lawsuits or change the liability people have for their pets. There's also question about whether Los Angeles should spend its resources defining the relationship between people and their pets.

    "Fur is going to fly," said Martha Waltz, spokeswoman for Councilman Dennis Zine, who wants to stop the commission from making the change until its staff and the City Attorney's Office conduct an "extensive review" of the proposal and its possible legal fallout.

    At the suggestion of the Northern California animal-welfare group In Defense of Animals, the commission proposed to change the wording in all official city documents as a way to positively influence how people treat their pets. Already, the Animal Services Department has started using the new terminology.

    But pet-loving groups have also come out against it, saying the change in semantics might be sweet in theory but doesn't make legal sense.

    "Why are we wasting time and money -- taxpayer time and money -- on something for which we have no evidence will improve life for animals?" said Phyllis Daugherty, president of Animal Issues Movement, a nonprofit animal rescue group in Los Angeles.

    She worries that the proposal would have the opposite effect than was intended and make it harder to hold people responsible for how they treat animals.

    "We are as concerned as anyone about the welfare of pets," said Charles Ober, a Sherman Oaks member of the worldwide Cat Fanciers Association, which also opposes the language change. "To just to make change because it sounds good and it feels good is not necessarily a positive thing. In this case there are many, many unknowns."

    Among the concerns is that it might give animals new legal rights, including the right to sue their guardians, and would scare people from adopting animals.

    "It's not a valid concern," said Elliot Katz, a veterinarian who founded In Defense of Animals. He said it's a symbolic change and a way of educating the public to think of animals as feeling companions rather than private property that can be disposed of at will.

    He said it hasn't caused problems in places that have adopted the policy, including Rhode Island and the cities of West Hollywood; Berkeley; Amherst, Mass.; Boulder, Colo.; Sherwood, Ark.; and Menomonee Falls, Wis.

    Margaret Sullivan, assistant general manager of the Animal Services Department, said the department will conduct a thorough review of all the legal concerns that have been raised. She said the change, if adopted, would not cost the city much.

    "We don't change things overnight," she said. Forms would be reprinted with the new language as they run out, she said.

    She said the issue won't come back to the commission until December. At that point, the City Council would have to approve it. But the proposal already has at least one strong detractor on the council.

    "I'm very opposed to a change," said Councilman Hal Bernson on Tuesday. "I think it's insanity. I've been an animal rights supporter for a long time and I think they're way off base with this one."
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    Geez,guess I better start being nicer to my dog-friend......Hope that wasn't a racist remark.

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    These people have way too much time on their hands. I'll happily remain a pet OWNER.
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    Wanted: Canine companion. Must be a good swimmer and take direction well. Will train the right candidate. Minimal pay, excellent fringe benefits. This is a multi faceted position, requiring skills in security, hospice care, procurement/retrieval, etc. Must work well with kids and feline companions already on staff. Employment dependent on completion of skills test. (Pe)degree preferred.
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    Dog sues owner for right to pee on carpet!

    Cat sues family becasue of stress imposed by dog they fail to restrain properly - dog will counter sue for being held against his will. Family trying to negotiate settlement.

    Hamster's Unite!! - tired of being placed into plastic balls, tired of being starred at by the family cat, tired of being abused by gay men - then take action now - having just being given new rights, you can sue to regain your respectability!

    And on, and on, and on........
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    I like your sarcasm better.
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    My dogs..woops K-9 cohabatint has refused to commet under advise from his attorey.
  8. My wife and I have a verbal agreement with our cat--we will feed you and supply a kitty box and if you screw up you are out of the house.
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    Cats don't need "companions" or "guardians", they already have staff!
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    Our cats let us live in their house only because they don't have thumbs and can't open the catfood cans themselves. If they could, we'd be out of here!
    Only here in Los Angeles could some thing like this happen, the sensible part of me really dislikes this place, but then the feindish side of me really likes watching the freak show that goes on every day here! hahahahahahahahahahha
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    Only PRK but my k9 has a pen that I think most dogs would love after I spent most of the last mointh building it. Of course I still think he wants a new dog house LOL
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    Glad to here that California has resolved all of it's really important issues so it can get right down to the wording of pets.
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    If people paid as much attention to serious matters as those folks are paying to the wording of that we would all be a lot better off!:nod: :nod: :nod: :D
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    Equally important as knowing what is important, is knowing what isn't!!!
    Pet guardians, the title makes me feel all warm and snuggly inside...get a life people.:assult: