I don't like scopes

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    I am not trying to start a fight here or anything, but I don't like scopes. I prefer open sights. I have great vision, so scopes were not invented for people like me. But I see guys at the range using a scope on a .22 out at 10 yards. If my life were in danger and the BG was eight hundred yards away and closing and someone gave me two rifles - 1 scoped and one not, I would probably use the scoped rifle. But other than that, give me an open sight any day.
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    Scope or No Scope?

    You're lucky to have great eyesight. Makes sense for you to use open sights.

    For me, at 64 yrs old, my eyesight requires correction for reading but nothing yet for distance. Even at that, I would prefer a scope when I go deer hunting this fall.

    The main problem, as I see it in using a scope, is that a person's peripheral view is reduced when a scope is used. That split second lost using a scope could be critical in focusing on the moving target. Even knowing that, I would still prefer looking through a cross hair at my target.


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    The other day I was reading a story about guns in combat and I realized that each setting has it's place.
    The scope is for precsion shooting like sniper duty (one shot, one kill), long range hunting, or similar duties.
    For close range engagement, the open sights are better.
    It's an issue of peripheral view at close range.
    I like the scope when I've time to aim but if the situation calls for multiple targets really fast, I'll use the open sights and lots of ammo, not in full auto mode but in 3rnds bursts or semi auto.

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    I agree, it depends on the situation. I have perfect eyesight too, but for precision shooting when i have time, i'll use a scope. I always keep a scope on .22 cause i enjoy throwing a can out to around 50 feet and watching it jump from the shots unitl there's nothing left of it to hit. but like mandy said, for multiple targets, i much prefer open sights. or my sks, it's just too much fun to put a scope on.
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    johno just what I think only I think a reddot would be cool.
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    Talking about red dots, how they work?, what's the edge when using them?, what situations or ranges are they designed for?
    I look foward for these answers 'cause I haven't been able to like the few I've tried.
    Maybe I don't know how to take advantage of them or the range they work best.

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    same here, i've heard of them, even used one once, but i still don't understand.
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    Come on guys let out some knowledge about red dots.
    post some specs, ranges, benefits and anything that you may find an interesting fact.
    I'm hungry for knowledge about these scopes.

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  9. Howdy Mandy! :D

    You are sooo right, the scope is for stoppin BG's when they are waaay out and barely a threat.

    Or for them deer types that are always sneakin around in the woods. (My last buck was about a 150 yd shot across a soybean field.)

    On my hunting rifles for brush country, I always have sight mounts that allow me to use the iron sights if I want to, just by peekin under the scope.

    When the Bg's are in da house, they get to meet mr 12 ga, and his friend T loads!

    And I am environmentally friendly as I use steel or Bismuth!! (Got the latter free from a friend)

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    Ok Mandy, Most red dots are 0x or 1x power and about all of them have 30mm tubes, and when sighted in where the red dot is thats where it will hit even if you are looking through the scope at an angle...(How that works I dont know?) They are not good for target work (Small targets) And in low light all you will see is a red dot...The draw back is you need good eye sight if you cant see it the scope will not help, They do work better than iron sights to a point but I cant trust something that uses batteries...
  11. i'd have to say i'm more an iron sight man myself, never been any good with scopes, but havn't a lot of experience with them either.
    and i'm even, well i was pretty choosy with which sights i would use, to many people's shagrin i liked my ''V''notch sight on my Mauser better than the peep on my Garand, and to the shagrin of the above mentioned people i was more acurate with the mauser sights and still am i think.
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    There was a test done by Finn Aggaared(SP?) a well know profesional hunter/guide from Kenya. He had used irons most of his life and wanted to see which was faster to deliver an aimed round on target, with a scope, open irons, or a peep sight. At 25yds it was a virtual tie, with a slight edge going to the scope, at 50yds and beyond the scope won by a wide margin. The scope he used was 2X or 2.5X but I don't remember the brand.

    If the rifle fits you and the scope is properly mounted, the scopes image will be there when the gun hits your shoulder, if it dosen't then you have work to do. FWIW.

  13. Mandy

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    This question is for those of you who actually went to combat:

    What's the average range (distance) at which you had to engage with the enemy using a rifle? (average combat distance)

    I'm curious because I think that this distance is a mayor factor when you setup your gear for combat. Am I right?

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  14. I have a red dot on my Ruger .45 Colt and I really like it. It did take a lot of getting use to though. It is much quicker to just put the dot on the target than to line up the sights. I do have problems finding the dot in extremely bright sunlight. One thing I noticed immediately when shooting with it is that its so much easier to shoot with both eyes open and that really helps me find a target very quickly. Even though its a 0x magnification, it seems to magnify any tiny movement or shaking in your hands. I think its advantages outweigh the disadvantages...especially in rapid fire.
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    I use a Tasco Pro Point II on top of my Ruger Super Redhawk 44 mag revolver. I can shoot offhand with this setup reliably to 50 yards, and with a rest to about 100 yards. It has no magnification, which means no parallax. Wherever the red dot is within the sight, that's where the bullet goes. That makes target acquisition the fastest at range that I've ever experienced. It also makes keeping both eyes open much easier.

    I've been shooting muzzleloader a lot lately, getting ready for deer season. Iron sights take a lot of practice because you have to really familiarize yourself with the sight picture. Telecsopic and dot sights have a much more definitive alignment process. This lends itself to a quicker proficiency with a firearm so equipped, though it doesn't necessarily make you a better shooter.

    Combat confrontations depend considerably on terrain, cover and the element of surprise. For today's warfare, technology has significantly reduced the element of surprise. However, ambush situations still can and do occur. Ideally one would probably like to engage the enemy at the maximum effective range of the weapon at hand, and also to be the first to bring the weapon to bear. In Vietnam, perhaps 80% of the time infantry engagement in the field (away from fortified areas) was at less than 100 yards. Having never been in a field combat situation persay, I cannot comment for certain what range is most common.
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    I like 'em

    :eek: I'm Blind in one eye and cain't see out of the other (Hyperbole) but I like scopes...I really like 4 power to 6 power fixed scopes..fewer parts to break and therefore fewer things that can go wrong. I've been thinking long and hard on the Bushnell Holo Sight...maybe one day.. :assult:
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    I have never been in combat, but i would say that the average range would be 100m or less, and very rarely would it be more than 200m. at such ranges i think a 7.62 soviet would be a more pracitcal round than the 5.56 NATO.
  18. Logansdad

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    most combat veterans in World War 2 reportedly kept the vast majority of their shots within 400 yards..I was told in Viet Nam it was less than 75 (it being mostly jungle fighting ambush style)..
  19. billy

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    we are at opposite poles of the spectrum!
    i love scopes
    the higher the magnification the better.
    ive got a 8x25x50mm. on my .308 and a 6x24x40. on my .22l.r.
    ive also got 9 iron sighted rifles though.
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    Same here, I like using the sights and or a laser.