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  1. For the third thread, that I posted a come back post, in the past three months, I have had the administration step in right afterwards to tell us it's not PC to do or what we said (more like what I said), I guess it's my straightforwardness that has gotten me in trouble.

    For the Admin.....check my posts...I know you can. I sit back and watch LONG before I say anything to anyone. I watch post after post that the 'argument' as you put it, goes on. It's when I say something you'll step in. That is evident...that's no secret.

    It seems to me that most everyone can say something and NOTHING is said until I stick my foot in my mouth and rebut it. Referrence the comments after mine...when Jesse made the comment and others made theirs and nothing MORE was said. So, I assume it was me the comment to knock it off was intended for.

    Perhaps it's time I think about taking a walk. I hate to say that since my wife LOVES to read the material every morning, as well as I.

    But, I am a man of principle and I think the comments were made to me (since no names were made who pizzed who off) so I am contemplating taking that walk. I can only assume it was me since the posts by others kept coming after's Jesse's warning and nothing was said by the Admin. I only wish the Admin would email those (me) that offend rather than making it generic and causing all this guessing.s.

    It is really sad...really sad, when someone can try to pull the leash back (in what I thought was to the good of the 'room') on someone and I mean Lenny (not afraid to point the finger when I feel the need to).....and the next time I log in all I I see is chastizing.

    I've learned a lot from most everyone in here...that's fer sure. To those I say thank you.

    For those I might have helped....no problem......^5.

    If I'm wrong, Jesse and Chris....I apologize. I can only go by what I read.
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  2. Lenny

    Lenny Guest

    give it up

    Dale, you have personally attacked me on several occasions. I did not post anything to you personally until you flamed me personally. Stop tryin gto be a martyr.

  3. colt45

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    give it up Lenny the man is more of a asset to this board than you will ever be.
  4. Jessi what exactly is up with what Dale said? He is very polite compared to me. I don't remember getting any warnings.
  5. I like reading what Dale has to say. He is informative and comes right to the point.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Yes, we're gonna wind up losing good people for one antagonist. Its a shame. Just take a break Dale and regroup but don't go budroe!
  7. Chris

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    Well Lenny has been rather rude lately....even after warnings. He makes vistin here a little more well not friendly.
  8. Jesse took the time to send me e mail explaining it was not me his comments were to...but rather a general cooment.

    I take my hat off to Jesse for taking that time and I thanked him for e mailing me.

    Jesse, as well as Chris, and the other members in here are stand up dudes in my book...ones I would go through the gates shoulder to shoulder with.

    With that, and some long soul searching, I publicly apologize to Jesse for assuming (something that I tend to do too dang often, I'm afraid) and putting him on the spot.
  9. Dale did i miss something. What did you say wrong.
  10. No More Fun

    Oh come on Chris he is that other guy who co hosts with Hannity-- Besides he is fun to play with..:fuss:
  11. Chris

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    We have the best group of guys here at Gun and Game. I have been to other firearm sites, but no where is there a group of people dedicated to the Firearms that our forefathers fought so hard for!

    We have great people in the industry that spend their time trying to help others that it rather bothers me to see when someone causes such strain on others.

    Thats my thoughts and I am sure anyone that is a member of the site will agree with!

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    Hold on Dale, Your not getting out of here that easy. You don't have permission to leave me here with all these guys.
  13. wes

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    We're surrounded,that simplifies our problem!
  14. Shaun

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    Dale stick around I like the way you think we have an excellent group of people here -- as I said last week it is a pleasure to have a group of people around who understand me. With the situation I am dealing with its nice to have the complete group here to gripe too. By the way I still haven't heard back from the lawyers.
  15. Calvin

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    Hang around, Dale. Don't worry what one person says. Like NRAJoe said-regroup, but don't leave. You're a great contributor here, and we could use more like you. 'Nuff said.....