I got one, er I mean 2!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by k8cca, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. k8cca

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    OK OK you guys where right! M-N's are cool! I went to the Gun show today thinking I might look around for one and wahla, there they were, a Romanian M-44 and a Hungarian M-44, right next to each other. 60 Bucks each and I got to bring them home! Oh the cosmolien sure smells great!

    I also got a few hundred rounds for the next outing to the range. The numbers all match on the Romainian and it looks like it was not used very much at all. The only thing I did not get was cleaning rods.

    Thanks for turning me onto these guys, I had never heard of them until I started hanging here!

    Now when that's next gun show........
  2. PAPA G

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    good going Bud!!!! now you will have the best time of your life. good luck!!!:D

  3. toolman

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    AHHH YES,ANOTHER VICTIM... if you want the cleaning rods Tapco has them as well as springfield sporters,and,I think Sarco.Dealer Warehouse has the cleaning kits.enjoy,you're in for a world of fun!
  4. Dennis

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    Welcome to the dark side...........................................
  5. Big Dog

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    k8cca, at least once you've got to shoot it at night. What a blast! (Pun definitely intended.)