I gotta have a 44 Mag. But which one? No BFR for me.

Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by inglockwetrust, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Huey Rider

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    My Interarms Virginia Dragoon .44 Mag.
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  2. Ron The Legend

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    Love those too. Missed out on one a few years ago and could kick myself for not eating that week to buy it.
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  3. Kmcdowell

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    Omaha NE
    I recently purchased a Taurus 66 357 Magnum with a 6 inch barrel and I love it. They have a couple of 44 mags that are good guns and great value. I know the Raging Hunter is a nice gun and it comes either with a 5.5 inch or 6.75 inch barrel in either 44 mag or 454 Cassul. It's worth a look.
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  4. OneShotKill

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    I have the model 29 4 inch since 1981, killed a deer with it about 70 yards once. I carry it on the hip, in bear country, and have taken it along on trips in 4 states. I would never part with it, the SWs are great guns.

    Also have a Ruger Redhawk 5.5 inch, 44. A much bigger gun. While i have a hip holster for it, it will pull your pants down unless you wear suspenders. I have a shoulder rig for it which is better.

    Third i have a little Rossi 5 shot with 2.5 inch barrel and it is a wonderful gun in every way. I think Taurus makes it now, maybe the Tracker model. A lot of people are leery of Rossi/Taurus but they have come a long way. I collect Smith and Wessons and have many, this little gun is as good as any SW i have ever owned.

    Last Smith and Wesson makes the little model 69 5 shot with a 4 inch barrel and i have heard a 3 inch. The finish is plain and not the high quality of their traditional products, but mechanically i think they are fine.

    I like the shorter guns, but actually you lose just too much velocity and power with the shorter barrels. If you opt for the 2.5 inch or 3 inch, you might as well just go with a 10mm, just depends on your use. My 4 inch model 29 will get about 900 foot pounds. My Ruger Redhawk with 5.5 inch barrel will get 1,000 foot pounds. You can get 700-750 foot pounds in a 10mm or long barrel 357. http://ballisticsbytheinch.com/44mag.html

    So, if you want brut power and the ability to shoot 250-300 grain bullets go with the 44. But if you are going to shoot the real 44 mag stuff, like 300 grain ammo, you really need the bigger gun, like the Redhawk. Super Redhawk or the Superblackhawk, i prefer the Bisley.
  5. Big Dog

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    I've read the ultimate. 44 magnum, the Auto Mag pistol, is going back into production. It's on my bucket list.
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  6. inglockwetrust

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    This is the 29 I wish I could buy. A M29-5 Magna Classic. But you know what, only the M29-10 is on the rooster... :mad:

  7. Zebraranger

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    I had a couple of 44 mags in my collection. But a few years back I went with the Super Redhawk for a couple of different reasons. One was because I could hunt hogs with it and two, because of its weight distribution, it handles the 44 mag cartridge well, it makes it easier to shoot without massive recoil that's typical with some other 44 revolvers.
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  8. Ron The Legend

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    I too have a .44 mag. SS Bisley Super Blackhawk 7.5" hunter. I's nice to be able to scope it easily or remove it. Love the factory grips. My standard 5.5" .44 mag super Blackhawk needed the Packmeyer presentation grips for better control. But I'll tell you they will blister a bare hand in 50 rounds.
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  9. OneShotKill

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    LOL. Those finely checked grips that came on my model 29, would rip the skin off your palms in about a dozen rounds. They are stored and Hogue finger model grips work fine. Taurus/Rossi have some grooved rubber grips they call "ribbers" which are on my little 5 shot gun. They handle recoil better than anything i have found. I shoot full power 240 grain ammo in the little gun, which is about 30 ounces and they work great I have Pachmyers on my Redhawk and they work pretty well. 44 mag is 44 mag, there are bigger guns, but few reasons for them for most of us.

    When i was a young cop i asked an older cop how he mastered the Model 19, 357's we carried. He reached into his briefcase and pulled out a model 29. He said shoot one of these a while and you will then be able to handle the little 357. That actually worked for me and i recommend that to anybody. Take them both to the range at the same time, it works.
  10. cooker300

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    NW PA
    I have model 629 classic with a 6" barrel and I like it a lot only gun I ever won at a gun raffle..

    By brother has a Super Black Hawk with a 6.5 barrel i think
  11. BigEd63

    BigEd63 G&G Evangelist

    Back when I was more into handguns I shot a whole lot of moderate to full power .44mag ammo that I hand loaded.
    I had a nice 7.5" stainless Redhawk I used for most of my shooting with a set of fitted Jordan Trooper grips made by Herrett'sm. Never had trouble with it and wish I never had parted with it.

    Anyone know if the current Herrett's is still the same company? I just noticed they have a webpage up.
    I was given to understand they went out of business several years ago.
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  12. Jim Bridger

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    The S&W Mdl 29-2 has been my choice in Bear Country for decades.
    In today's World the 10MM is proving to be a better Bear Killer.
    Pics of my S&W 29-2 and the SIG Hunter 10MM. s&w 29.png th3I05G1LO.jpg
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  14. I also have a S&W 629. 5 3/4” barrel. Great revolver, more than enough power. The recoil is not that bad more rise than kick. So return to target takes practice. But even my daughter handles it very well.
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  15. rangerjd

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    I have the Ruger Alaskan Redhawk with 2" barrel in .44 magnum and the S&W Model 69 with 4" barrel in .44 magnum. Both can kick pretty good, but the Model 69 is harder to shoot heavy bear loads with because it's so light. My favorite .44 magnum to shoot is my Marlin 1895 lever action. It's nice to have a revolver and a rifle that will shoot the same ammo.

    I have 4 different .308s, but my favorite is my Browning BLR (Browning Lever Action)in .308. So fun to shoot. My most accurate and easiest to shoot .308 is my Savage 10 with the heavy bull barrel. That thing is a tack driver and because of the weight, it is very easy to shoot. Almost no recoil, but kind of heavy for a hunting rifle.
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  16. OneShotKill

    OneShotKill G&G Evangelist

    After reading the story of the guy who shot the black bear multiple times with a 10mm i am starting to have my doubts. I watched the video he made and read the articles. I have seen 450 pound bears within 10 miles of where that bear attacked him. He had hollow point self defense ammo, critical defense i think, but still multiple rounds were required and the bear was slow to stop.

    I just cannot take my 40 caliber guns when my 4 inch 29 is available. Buffalo bore gives 607-728 foot pounds in its hot 10mm ammo from a 5 inch 1911. For the 5.5 inch 44 mag they give between 1,126-1260 foot pounds. That is is just way to much money left on the table as they say for me to go to the smaller round. Just saying.

    10mm on bear:https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/a-new-mexico-bear-attack-finally-

  17. Jim Bridger

    Jim Bridger G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    If you live in Brown Bear country or near a prairie dog town not every shot is fatal. There has been 3 bears taken out near my place in past 2 weeks. As we say here what ever gun allows you to walk away was the best "bear killer".
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  18. neophyte

    neophyte Wonderment :) Forum Contributor

    The story is interesting :)


    She was right up on me when I let go with the last round that took the tip of my toe off.

    Even if she had only got me for a few seconds, I do not know if I would have been able to crawl out.

    Kim said he didn’t have a choice. The sow was totally committed. She’d made the decision to attack, and was in a full-out charge. Kim said that he clearly remembers shooting two-handed.

    It wasn’t until the action had stopped that Kim noticed that he had hit his own foot while shooting at the bear. He saw blood coming out of his boot.

    Everything happened so fast, four seconds, and you are standing there with a dead sow, and I see blood coming out of my boot.

    Kim chose to walk out immediately, before his adrenaline rush wore off. On the way out, his leg started to cramp up. That’s when he made the video of his booted foot with the hole in it on his iPhone.


    Once he got back to the skiff, Kim had a 12-mile ride back to Homer. He tied up the skiff at the 160 foot landing craft that is parked there, walked to his truck,and drove to the emergency room.


    The final shot was very close. During his investigation, Park Ranger Jason Okuly found Kim’s sunglasses at the scene next to the bear’s body. They were only two feet from the bear’s head.

    Okuly told Kim that they recorded at least three hits. One in the left eye, one in the mouth and one in the chest. They didn’t look too closely because the carcass was bloated and stinking pretty badly by the time they were able to reach it. Okuly retrieved two empty cases and retu
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  19. TXplt

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    I’ve a smith 29 (6.5 inch barrel nickel), a Glock 20SF with RMR, and a Smith 69 (just short of 3” barrel).

    The model 29 for me is a more of a sometimes shoot collector gun.

    The Smith 69 gets shot a lot with heavy .44 Special loads and is a sometimes trail gun. If I were to buy a new .44 Mag it’d probably be the 69; barrel length up to you. It’s accurate and reliable and the stainless finish is very durable.

    As a trail gun with no other gun around (like a rifle) the Glock 20 is imho a better choice. It has much greater capacity and a reload gives 31 rounds of 10mm which to me beats 15 or 18 in gun, speed loader, and strips. At a similar weight to the 69. And I don’t feel bad about banging a Glock up.

    Heavy .44 special handloads are fun to shoot, have plenty of power in the solid keiths, and are accurate. As well as not breaking the bank.
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  20. TXplt

    TXplt Gun Toting Boeing Driver Forum Contributor

    I don’t know that your looking at a great deal of practical difference between 10mm, .41 Mag, 44 Mag. All can have plenty of penetration given the right bullet but I don’t think any will do what you want unless given a decent shot placement. All have decent ME but none will make up for a poorly placed shot.