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    Yea we have now learned to make sure everything is locked. An investigator called me today that they had found the neighbors stolen trk in Lubbock, a couple hours from here and they found a gun. Not sure if it's ours. He says he's pretty sure he knows who one of the guys are. A 17 yr old juvenile. Ruining their life soo young. I made sure I bought good cameras. I put in some HD Reolinks that record video/audio 24/7/365. It uses a DVR like recorder that has a very large hard drive and when it's full, it starts back over. We did get some good video of them anyway. Here's a shot of what quality they are. I was glad I installed them last year.

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  2. I am sorry for your loss of gun; nothing learns like mistake....call it what you want. you learned .it aint gonna happen again!
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    Well, that stinks. Hope most of the stuff gets recovered, & bsshog40 pretty good images your system captured.
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