I have a bathroom gun on my mind.

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  1. I already own one handgun, a Colt King Cobra 3" revolver. I'm interested in going to my local Academy and looking at a new Glock 42 in .380 ACP. It's always good to have a second pistol as a backup in case one has to go to the shop for service anyway. The new Glock is listing at $429 at my Academy. A new name-brand revolver (pick your poison, Colt, Ruger, Smith & Wesson) generally lists from $700 on up and $800+ is quite common these days for a stainless job in a wheel gun.

    I now entertain the notion of always having a firearm in the bathroom for tactical reasons. There is a special spot in my medicine cabinet to nicely tuck away a carry-size handgun. Remember the infamous shower scene in the film Psycho? Remember the bad cowboy in the outhouse in Unforgiven?

    Question: what parts of your home do you like to tuck away guns?
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    I never realized the booms emitted from bath rooms were from guns.:rolleyes:
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    I like it stickman. Somebody thinks they got the jump on ya when takin a dump! Imagine the look of surprise when he gets smoked!
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    Actually I plagiarized the picture, someone posted it in the humor section a while back.
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    I keep my house gun in a zipper pouch and it just migrates with me around the house.
    The carry gun stays in my room and the Goober Blaster™ stays in its hidey-hole.
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    As I've said before, I've got one helluva do it all throne ! IMG_1320.jpeg

    Be awful if I got jumped there while throning.

    So's I've got something nearby always which can be useful !
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    Yeah in case you gotta shoot the "S".But the two legged variety.
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    Ziplock in the toilet tank :D

    A buddy of mine kept a Jennings in his toilet just because for a while.
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    I have my carry-gun with me at all times so it’s there with me.

    Anyone entering there while I’m doing my business will be overcome by toxic fumes before they can cause any trouble anyways!!
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    I used to have a bedroom gun, a couch gun, and a kitchen gun.

    Now I have two kids so all I’ve got is a nightstand-safe gun.

  13. Jim Bridger

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    It seems Paranoia has hit a new level. You should see a Fecesologist?:rolleyes:
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    Ya know, I think it'll be kind of comical if someone were to break in with ill intent around these parts. As he got to chat with St. Peter....

    "I dunno......all I can remember is this buck azz naked old fat guy with a rifle who seemed mad and scared. And then I wound up here....."
  15. I wouldn't be caught by a home invader dead and naked without a gun in my hand.
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    I commonly have a handgun in my bathroom. It’s normally what I’m carrying that day. Already have 3 or so in the bedroom so don’t drag the EDC in there. I don’t like to leave it sitting on the kitchen table or sofa, so normally goes in bathroom.

    Depending on ventilation and such, may get a bit more humid in there. Something to consider.
    Looks like others have thought this through as well.
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    You beat me to it!

    I was going to suggest a waterproof/humidity proof container, due to it being in the bathroom.
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    Don't get SQUAT in .380!

    Reason being the ammo for them is verging on stupid level prices.
    PPU range ammo is at $39.95 at a store in Milton, FL.

    And that's if you can even find it...Academy hasn't had it,
    or at least it's not been on the shelf by 11am for weeks.
    Most other gun/ammo stores haven't seen it around here
    since the RUSH started.

    So unless you are reloading it, and have a couple thousand
    large pistol primers on hand...fuggitabout .380!
  19. While I shower, the door to my bedroom from the bathroom is open. The fan, a/c and dehumidifier is on taking up that shower steam fast. The bathroom is so dry this way the mirrors never get fogged. Any gun I keep in the medicine chest will be periodically cleaned, inspected and wiped down with a film of oil including chambers and bore. My revolver or auto pistol is placed on top of the toilet tank while I show to have easy reach behind the shower curtain. There is a clean white cloth in on corner of my medicine cabinet that my handgun rests on standing up on its trigger guard, crown and heel of its grip.

    While showering, the bathroom door to the hallway is locked and my bedroom door to the hallway is also locked. The door from bathroom to bedroom is open. While using toilet, combing hair, brushing teeth or shaving, the door to the bedroom is often locked while the hallway bathroom door might be unlocked. If the door connecting bathroom to bedroom is locked, there is no retreat to the bedroom. An intruder is likely to enter from the front door of my home. The gun pulled out of the medicine cabinet upon hearing break-in noise is my only shield between me and a home invader.

    Yes, I have a Colt King Cobra snake gun in my medicine chest. Good medicine for bad hombres who bust in my pad.

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  20. BarryHalls

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    I'm kinda plain. I keep one by the front door and a couple by the bed, and a couple we carry.

    I am fortunate to have a very well dome cerakoted Ruger P90, which except for the ejector is all stainless or aluminum anyway. Nearly impervious to corrosion. Been through the dishwasher several times BEFORE the cerakote. Would make a perfect shower gun except for the size.
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