I have a beef with 'veggie hate crimes'

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    This actualy appeared on the local section of my local paper....I am realy not sure if it is the media loseing it or the columist trying to be funny....but it stuck my giggle bone.

    Course if Cows had triger fingers then this would have to be posted under the general disscussion form :)

    Debate? DCF? Cattle shootout is the real issue
    Published August 30, 2002

    Debate? DCF? Cattle shootout is the real issue
    Aug 30, 2002

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    Aug 29, 2002

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    Aug 27, 2002

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    Aug 25, 2002

    I have a beef with 'veggie hate crimes'
    Aug 23, 2002
    Mike Thomas

    The biggest issue in this newsroom has not been the Democratic debate or Jeb Bush's selection of Jerry Regier to head the Department of Children & Families.

    It has been the OK Corral shootout on the Bee Line Expressway last week, pitting Orange County deputies against a gang of escaped cattle.

    When the smoke cleared, five cows were dead. There were no deputy casualties, perhaps because cows do not have opposable thumbs and trigger fingers.

    There are those in this newsroom who believe the cows were brutally gunned down, and those who believe the cows had to be stopped, even if it required the use of deadly force.

    The incident began when a cow went crashing through the windshield of a motorist at about 10 p.m.

    "It was one of the biggest cows I've ever seen," said Capt. Richard Klawe, of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

    Without seeking the opinion of a medical expert, a deputy claimed the cow was suffering and used that justification to shoot it twice in the head with a Glock 45.

    "But that did not kill the animal," the report noted. "The cow was shot one more time using his shotgun with a slug."

    The carnage continued.

    The four remaining cows made a break toward the westbound lanes, and deputies shut down traffic headed in that direction. So the cows headed toward the eastbound lane.

    "The cows began to run alongside of the roadway towards the oncoming traffic. The watch commander advised [deputies] to shoot the cows due to the threat that they posed to the motoring public."

    The deputies did so, then in a message to other cows, threw their dead bodies back into the pasture.

    Was this excessive force?

    Was it being swept under the rug because nobody was there with a video camera to document the bloodshed for CNN? The debate has raged.

    "I don't care about the cows," said medical writer Robyn Suriano, who keeps a glass cow on her desk to express her bovine solidarity. "I care about the human stupidity."

    "Don't soft-peddle your pro-cow position," answered Jim "Road Dog" Stratton.

    "Don't they have a cow net?" asked social services reporter David Damron.

    "The cow survived two shots to head with Glock, and a shotgun blast," responded state reporter Sean Mussenden. "And you're telling me you can pull a thing like that off the road alive?"

    "Once they killed one, they had to kill the others because they didn't want witnesses," said Road Dog.

    "The cows died a noble death, trying to take down some humans with them," I said.

    I should mention the favorite lunch spot around here is Beefy King.

    Quick notes:

    After watching the Democratic debate this week, Gov. Jeb Bush now is demanding 15 debates with the primary winner ... Bill McBride is the most flamboyant lawyer I've seen on TV since John Morgan...

    In a past column, I mentioned the feud between Doug Guetzloe and Dick Batchelor over the school sales-tax referendum. I referred to Dougie and Dick. It should have been Dickie and Doug. Batchelor is listed as Dickie J. Batchelor on his drivers license.

    Mike Thomas can be reached at 407-420-5525 or
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    If their supervisor gave them a directive, then the deputies were justified. I can't believe a .45acp didn't kill that cow the first time. Must have been a badly placed shot to the head. When I was a deputy on the border we would always have to get livestock out of the middle of IH35. The herd mentality is hard to out do. If one cow runs, they all run!

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    Hard to say...this made the news because the Bee Line is the expressway that runs from West Orlando...past the Air port to the East coast..my home town...also main way turest get from airport to Disney area...and if the Mouse dont like it NO ONE better like it!.....I thought the way it was writen about the cow gangs ect was funny....by the way we are only 2nd to that "tiny"state of Texas in cattle production so we get lots of lost cows on our roads....eapseicaly when cow land and Orlando city land often twist around each other....The cow that was shoot went through someones windsheild and had all it's legs broken before getting shoot....may have been an adrinalin thing.
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    I didn't know that about Florida, Doglips. Interesting. I always pictured beaches and what not. Of course, I know there are ranchers there. Heck, y'all have the Bellamy Brothers! Where ther're cowboys, there's probably cattle!
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    Beef Cattle and Calves
    Florida beef cattle numbers and prices declined slightly in 1998, leading to a 6.2 percent drop in cash receipts from previous year. Price for all beef cattle fell 7.6 percent to $39 a hundred weight, the third lowest in 20 years. However, the overall sales of $293.3 million was the second highest in four years in a declining industry.

    State cattlemen produced less than a million calves for the second year in a row, and slipped from 10th to 12th nationally and 2nd to 3rd in the Southeast in the number of brood cows.

    Still, Florida remained ranked 4th nationally among states in number of herds with more than 500 brood cows. Florida has four of the nation’s 15 largest ranches, including THE largest with more than 35,000 brood cows on more than 300,000 acres.

    Record sales of milk and broilers in 1998 barely offset losses in other major sectors of the livestock industry, which remained relatively unchanged at $1.334 billion from the previous year’s $1.324 billion.

    Milk sales were up 3.9 percent to a record $423.8 million; and broiler sales jump 10.2 percent to a record $252.8 million.
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    We have a pretty good dairy industry, too. In the Navy, the northern boys would always ask me if Florida had anything besides beaches and swamps. I'd counter by asking if New York had any trees! Always good for a discourse on "upstate New York". LOL
    In the old days, there were even cattle drives. All the development in the early twentieth century put an end to that.
    We also have pork and poultry industries, though everything is being undercut by the foreign products coming in.
  7. Man oh man imagine that, a bunch of bovine thugs diss'n the local boys and girls in blue. I wonder if they hoofed it cause they didn't want the cops to find out which gang they were with? Obviously the ACLU will have to get involved to determine if the Police violated the herds civil rights. What an utterly absurd situation.