I Have Joined the SKS Club *Field Report*

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Joshua M. Smith, May 24, 2008.

  1. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith G&G Enthusiast

    I got an SKS the other day...

    Here's the SKS. It looked good on the outside, just a little surface rust. A couple dry patches revealed a bore that shined better than most I've seen, on any gun.

    I loaded it up with the ammo I found, something called Hotshot that comes in commercial boxes packaged in "SPAM" cans of 700. It weighs 123 grains and is made in Romania. The package advertises that it's non-corrosive.

    I immediately tested it. Though it's FMJ, it blew up a water filled gallon jug in an impressive manner from 50 yards. I'm beginning to think there's something to bullets which tumble...

    After I got done shooting it, I brought it inside and cleaned it. Take down was extremely simple. I'd never messed with one before and it took me all of five minutes to field strip it.

    I cleaned it up, and gave it a go again.

    50 yards, standing, unsupported... 6/10.

    I have to mention here that the sights are a lot like a Mosin's, only a bit finer. Regardless, this gun just fits me. I don't have to work to see the sights.

    Here's the second string of 10, standing, unsupported. 7/10.

    I do have to admit to having a strange trigger preference. This trigger is long and mushy, and it's a lot like the slug guns I grew up shooting. That and the fit would explain the groups.

    I plan to enjoy this immensely. Stripper clips add to the fun!

    Josh <><

    Note: Since writing this originally, I made a tool to adjust the front sight. It now shoots dead on at 50 to 100 meters and will keep all of them on target, standing unsupported, at 50 meters or so with Wolf ammo.
  2. SwedeSteve

    SwedeSteve Freedom Zealot Forum Contributor

    Congrats on buying such a fine shooter !!

  3. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith G&G Enthusiast

    Thanks! It does even better if I'm leaning against something. I found that the front sight covers 1" at 50yds. It was shooting a bit high; I made an adjusting tool out of a tire plug tool. It shoots perfectly now, about .5" high at 50yds, so it should be dead on at 100.

    Josh <><
  4. SwedeSteve

    SwedeSteve Freedom Zealot Forum Contributor

    I'd be interested to see how you come out!
  5. Welcome to the sks world, you are ahead of most with your home made sight tool, good job and good shooting.
  6. Bravo

    Bravo G&G Newbie

    It looks like a Norinco SKS?

    If it is (or even if it isn't), welcome aboard. They're all great shooter. I have a Norinco and wouldn't trade it for anything.
  7. I love it and it looks NEW ! You did good feller !!! Where'ed ypu find one that nice ?
  8. I knew it josh, you're on ingo forums too:saevil:

    Oh and nice sks!!!
  9. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith G&G Enthusiast

    Thanks folks.

    It's not a Norinco, it was imported by GLNIC. This is what I found about them:

    Sooo... It's a pre-Norinco carbine imported before 1989 (thus the bayonet doesn't need to come off :) ) The serial number is 9219xxx. In front of this is C16, the meaning of which I've not been able to decipher. There are no other marks besides the importer, the serial number, and the C16 on the carbine, except for a small "3" on the barrel near the receiver end, behind the rear sight.

    It's a pinned barrel by the way. I guess that's something people tend to ask.

    I found it sitting on a dealer's shelf. The story behind it was that there was a guy who bought a bunch of them for storage. He was needing money and sold this one to the store, unfired. The box it came in was actually the shipping box to his business. Though the address of his business has been gone over with a marker, I can still make it out - it was a gun store. I've been interested in the gun stores in this area for at least 14 years, and this is the only one I've not heard of, so it's been out of business for at least that long, and the carbine's been in storage that long as well (I had to wipe cosmoline off, out, and whatnot.)

    How much do you suppose it's worth? I paid what it was worth to me.

    Josh <><
  10. marion57

    marion57 G&G Newbie

    If the barrel is pined its a later model all the original first manufactured in china under russian leadership were screwed in barrels .. were two types short and long in front of the reciever .. as far as reliability there is no difference ..Price is variable from a 125 to 300 .. depends on what it is worth to you !
    Three places that will tell you a lot more
    Yooper John
    even all these sites dont agree on all points!

    PONTIACDM G&G Newbie

    Nice rifle and welcome to the sks club. The sks is my one true addiction in this world. I can't get enough of them. congrats
  12. Kodiak32

    Kodiak32 G&G Regular


    Very nice Sks.

    I was wondering where you picked up your SKS? I got my at the Dunhams in Wabash few months back, shortly after they opened. I still need to sight it in, only fired a few rounds thru it so far. I might go back and pickup another one next week, I really like them. Not sure what they have left?

    I just picked up a .357 Ruger Valqero over at Gunners last Saturday.

    I was wanting too shoot both tonight, but the 70 mph winds, lighting and etc. kept me indoors.

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  13. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith G&G Enthusiast

    Hi Kodiak,

    I try to avoid Dunham's. I've noticed their prices are way up there.

    I got mine at Gunner's Trading Post. Got the 500 rounds of Wolf over at Bass & Bucks.

    Josh <><
  14. Kodiak32

    Kodiak32 G&G Regular

    Thanks Josh,

    I'll keep watch at Gunner's, I've had several dealings with them and all were good. I did get a decent price at Dunhams on mine, due to the fact it was in the display rack covered in cosmolene and no wanted to touch it..

  15. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith G&G Enthusiast

    Heh... I've probably seen you at Gunner's then. I used to hang out there between college classes.

    Josh <><
  16. Kodiak32

    Kodiak32 G&G Regular

    You may have seen me in there a time or two, I normally stop in on Saturdays. I rarely walk out emptied handed, so my trips have been limited lately..LoL.

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  17. Do you have a pic of this fine tool? I am in need of help for a friends Yugo.
    I would liketo see how you did it to perhaps attempt myself,,
  18. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith G&G Enthusiast


    You didn't just buy a Mosin-Nagant from, I believe, 1939 did you? And a bunch of us were talking about air pistols being sold on Gunbroker?

    Josh <><
  19. Good lookin SKS! Wish I could squeeze out groups like that with mine! Not to mention, you're talkin about useing Wolf ammo! Mine can't go through more then ten rounds of that stuff before jamming, yet with other stuff, it'll go all day with no problems! Wish mine wasn't so picky lol....Got my Yugo from Dunham's too. Got it for $172 about four years ago....Thier prices, I think, have always been HIGH, but then they have these sales that bring them down to a really reasonable price. I don't mind them that much.
  20. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith G&G Enthusiast

    Mine malfed with Wolf once, a failure to eject. The bolt smashed the case and I just held the bolt back, flicked out the bad case, and resumed firing.

    It bugs me to not know what caused that though...

    Are you sure you have your bolt spring in the right way? Everything clean? I believe mine happened just because it hadn't been cleaned for about 200 rounds :D

    Josh <><