I have never heard or seen anything like....

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  1. In all my years, including military, I have NEVER seen or heard anything like I did today at the outdoor range I go to.

    There was a guy there, oh, about 6'6 "...maybe 245-260 or slightly more ....with a customized (or seriously expensive) bolt action gun. With him was three camermen (well, one was a woman).

    He was about fifteen stations down on the far right end. Anyway when he fired this gun it was like no earthly roar I have ever heard in my life!!!!!! It was just deafening (even with good ear protection on). He certainly made everyone stop shooting and look. Everytime he shot the gun he and his shoulder must've recoiled 12-18 inches...no lie! His gun had, at least, a 2-2 1/2 recoil pad on it.

    When he fired the overhang structure would just vibrate! Dang!

    I, as with some others, mosied on down as close as we cared to venture to get an idea of what this outlandish 'cannon' was. Some even asked but no one gave a response...not the shooter...not the camerman or the three or four range officers keeping everyone at 'eye's reach'. From the casings on the ground all I could gather is the round was shaped like a 30-30 case (with the back rim of the cartridge out away from the case itself)...only larger.

    I've been around .50 caliber fire...seen the shells of course.....but the casings were smaller but dang,.....the sound was worse! I swear it was. I can only compare the sound to that when we trained with flash granades designed to temporarily stun someone (such as taking over a hostage situation, etc.)

    To this minute I have no idea what it was (it sure wasn't a .50) he was shooting but it was some serious chit man!!!!!!!! But, I sure woulda gave my left arm (almost said the obvious there) to know.

    After only about twenty rounds, filming the target that was out about 100 meters, the shooter saying something to the cameras, they packed it away and left MUCH quieter than they arrived.

  2. Chris

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    Well did they leave the casings to confirm the 30-30 shelling?

    Why didn't you just ask them. I have always been a person to ask someone what something is even if I do not know them, and I wonder why I get the name nosy sometimes

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    One of the loudest guns I know of is the m44 in 7.62 x 54r.Looks like a flame thrower at night because of the short barrel.
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    Well when I went to the Machine Gun Shoot in Kentucky I saw twin Mini Guns on a helicopter. it was the loudest I had ever headed (They don't let me out much)
  5. Of the handfull of us guys that walked down there some did ask, not only the shooter, but the range officers, what it was he was shooting. The shooter wasn't saying and if the range officers knew what he was shooting they weren't saying either.

    It was obvious the shooting was prearranged from his postion on the end, the cameras and the range officers keeping people at a comfortable distance. I circled around behind him somewhat, as did a couple of other people. We couldn't get a real look at the casings before a range officer picked them up but from what we could see we all agreed it had the shape of a .30-.30 only larger. As they laid on the ground you could see how the ridge or rim at the rear was keeping part of the casing off the concrete.

    Anyway it was an awesome display. I didn't mention before the dirty on the backdrop kicked up dirt like crazy and there was very, very little lapse from the report to seeing dirt fly....that quick. Almost instantanious.

    Well, I don't know if we'll see anything in the magazines to come. I doubt if that was a magazine testing since they have their own private ranges. I think it was a custom gun and the guy took his own camer operators for whatever reason.

    Well, it was an interesting experience nonetheless.
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    Very interesting, I wonder if it was a testing for some higher organization.

    *conspiracy starter*
  7. Jack O

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    Could have been one of 'em guns recovered from 'em strange black hellicopters. Some kinda supergun CONSPIRACY THEORY
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    Sounds like a 20mm to me. There are these huge 20mm rifles out there. Of course, they do not qualify as small arms. Too bad no one looked at the target with the spotting scopes to get a good read on the size.
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    Sound's interesting,Could it have been one of these monsters?
    300 WHISPER, 220 gr.
    475 TREMOR,400 gr.
    458 300 gr.
    All of these rds. will get attention when they report!!!
    Love to Hear that ROCK'N.....with hearing protection ON !!!
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    Well if camera people were there, I'll bet they were doing a anti gun story about "snipers", and "sniper guns". Was there a break on the weapon? A 220 swift with a break sounds like a 105.
    PS keep your eyes open for a anti gun story on your local news.
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    Yes, brakes do make guns louder, but I am still sticking to my 20mm theory. They are shaped kind of like 30-30 cases, but much bigger. I guess they could be mistaken at a distance.
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    I'm with Klaus on this...I've heard of 20mm rifles
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    PS the 20mm bullet is actually a .80 caliber ! that is just the width of the bullet itself...
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    Not a 44-40? Them mothers are the loudest gun I ever did hear, 'specially a carbine.
    Wouldn't doubt the custom piece by some some anti's especially because of the cameras.
  15. 13 MM


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    I bet it was some kind of black powder weapon, who knows the caliber, but really big black powder weapons have a huge report, like thunder
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    I'll be curious to find out.