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i have questions and looking for anaswers

Discussion in 'AR15' started by cooker300, Mar 11, 2018.

  1. cooker300

    cooker300 G&G Evangelist

    NW PA
    Thanks guys.
    I'm kind of confused on something. I know if its labeled 5.56 you can shoot 223 out it safely.

    no for the confusing thing 223 wylde you can shoot both out of? does this fire form the brass? or can I still use plain jane 223 rem dies and all is well in the world? if I'm understanding it the wylde is a fancy way of saying long throat? to get rid of the higher PSI of 5.56
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  2. 338RUM

    338RUM G&G Evangelist

    223 = short throat OAL 2.260

    223 Wylde = medium throat OAL 2.440

    5.56x45 = long throat OAL 2.560

    All OAL's are measured to the lands and are rough estimates. 223 Wylde doesn't effect the case at all, only the throat. It gets the lands close to the bullet which makes a more accurate chamber, but it leaves enough throat to allow 62,500 PSI loads (5.56 Nato) to be safely fired
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  3. Hedge

    Hedge G&G Newbie

    What's up bro? I've grown up shooting just about Everything Firearm...Aint I a Luxky cuss? That being said, I Never was Professionaly trained.Just ,Blessed to be raised in the South ! Ive perchased a couple of fairly nice Already to go hunting or range shooting, Put together by some Realy Good Guys, I think. I was told to purchase a del-ton,manufacterd in NC. And they'd gaurentee it would be accurate,cycle both 556 and has performed flawless.
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  4. animalspooker

    animalspooker G&G Evangelist

    If you have the option, I'd recommend going with the Wylde. Just my $0.02.
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  5. Hedge

    Hedge G&G Newbie

    On the barrel of my del-ton sporting Rifle is stamped , 5.56/.223 BUT it doesn't have Wylde on it Any where . Also Ruger has a factory right down the street from Eden, itsia Little town called Madison NC. They just ran a add saying "they paid a couple million for a barrel milling machine" an since they're gonna be produce barrelsb(in house) they will be lowering price of a complete rifle by about $100 bucks....thats per: employees of Ruger. I bought a sig saur AR 5.56/ at local pawnshop with lotsa mags and a 3gun range bag...for $900
    .. Hope it's a good buy..let me know if you have 411 on the sig..
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  6. Silver 83

    Silver 83 G&G Addict

    I never thought about buying an AR-15 until Clinton said no one should have one. These jumped into my collection. Only have one of them now. A real fun gun 2.JPG to fool with.
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  7. Hedge

    Hedge G&G Newbie

    Thanks Man,I'm a little worried about all this gun grabbing crap going on.... I'm 100%™ it's a fight all way thru til anyone who's Ever drove drunk,. Carless/wreckless tickets ,spit on frgin sidewalk...Loses gun Rights.. I'm sorta PISSED 2nd Amendment guy's like us aren't gathering in MASS going to these Lib,*** city's an shut'em DOWN....±’±
  8. rangerjd

    rangerjd G&G Regular

    My sons have been after me to buy an AR 15 for years now, but I never saw a reason. Having retired from the Army I thought I was done shooting 5.56. I have an AR 10 and love the .308 round. About a year ago I walked into one of my favorite gun stores and they had a DMPS Oracle 5.56/.223 for $400. Well needless to say, I now own an AR 15 and it is a blast to shoot and rounds are pretty cheap. I put a new trigger in my AR 10 and I may end up putting a new trigger in my AR 15 to make it a little bit better, but it is actually a great shooter as is. Good luck in your search.
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  9. Hedge

    Hedge G&G Newbie

    Yeah,cool, My youngest son (22) hes got the DMPS, . Thats sorta like what went on around here a few years back.ive several different types of firearms, We went to My fav Gun store an they where with me an had BEEN on me about getting another black Rifle..i Saw the Del-ton in the desert brown,sporting the cromelined barrel in black,original or like Post front's (thatst What I prefef). He ashored me it was light-years beyond other Ries he knows I positive it's never failed to feed, jambed, other than not slambing shut an need an assisti, probably because I shot 500 rounds an Not cleaned it
  10. Silver 83

    Silver 83 G&G Addict

    I got a big bunch of Colt and OK metal brand mags from soldiers at a base near by. One G.I. even included a pouch that carries two 20 rounders. Since my taxes probably paid for them I didn't feel bad about the deal.
  11. Hedge

    Hedge G&G Newbie

  12. teesquare

    teesquare G&G Newbie

    Long time lurker...not much of a poster. In fact this may be my first...don't' remember ( guess I will find out when I hit the send button!) But this is a topic I am very well versed in, and feel comfortable that I can offer an opinion - based on my experience. No disrespect is intended toward any other - when/where my opinion differs from theirs.

    1. Build your own...AFTER reading more, and going to a range. Why? You can't fix it later, or up-grade it (unless you want to have diarrhea of the wallet..hiring a gunsmith every time...) unless you know how it was put together.
    2. NEVER, ever would I recommend that you buy a Springfield, S&W, Colt - or ANY other ..."big name brand". Why? - Simple...They veer away from TRUE mil-spec. That will cause you heartburn when you want to change out some parts in the future.
    3. Barrel choices: 4160 chrome-molly is my favorite for easier to clean, longer lasting. Twist rate? far do you want to shoot? Commonly, 55 gr. weight ammo is on sale - and that is a popular 100yd round. A 1 in 8 twist rate will be your best compromise for shooting 50-72 gr. weight lead. If you go to 1-7 twist, you will need to shoot heavier ammo ( min. 62 gr. and up..) If you drop down to a 1 in 9 twist - you will only group shots well with lighter rounds such as the 50-55 grain. SO YOU need to decide WHAT you want the gun to do. Length: Out to 100 yds, 16" is practical. I see many guys think that 18" or 20" make a huge difference. This is ONLY significant *IF* you include twist rate, and bullet weight as PARTS of the equation. If you are looking for 200+ yards...longer barrel, higher twist rate, heavier bullets, aim higher...make sense?
    I prefer .223 Wylde chambered/throated barrels. They will shoot any .223, or 5.56 NATO ammo I have found. A 5.56 barrel will work as well.
    4. Number is a frustrating answer? Please refer to No# 1 as another reason for you to learn how to build your own. You will likely find someone near you to assist you, or loan you an Armor's Wrench if you really do not want to buy any tools.
    5. Other calibers: .300 Blackout is popular, and will work on the lower for .223/5.56 NATO. The standard upper for same will work - BUT you will need a different barrel for .300 BO.
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  13. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    Doesn't matter if they ban 'em, for about 50 years they'll be available
    thru the black market, if not longer...

    During the last AWB, a cabdriver could get all kindsa Hi-Cap Assault Weapons
    for CHEAP, as the bad guys didn't wanna get caught with 'em...
    because DA's were throwing the book at those who did commit crimes
    with Hi-Capacity Guns.

    Florida took that a few steps further and created the 10-20-LIFE laws,
    which cut our murder rate by 2/3'rds in 10 years.
    Wanna solve "Gun Violence"??
    10-20-Life works like this...
    Commit a Crime while in possession of a gun, 10 years Mandatory Minimum.
    FIRE that gun during a crime, whether or not you actually HIT anyone,
    and it's 20 years Mandatory Minimum Sentence.
    You get LIFE if, during the commission of a crime, you injure or kill anyone
    by using a firearm.
    Gee, we suddenly got a LOT less criminals in Florida from that!!

    Add to that the "3 Strikes Laws", and most folks with any sense generally
    stay outta Florida if they plan on using a gun to commit a crime.

    I miss "Old Sparky", tho...the electric chair was a GREAT deterrent!!
    Can honestly say that there are people living now that wouldn't be,
    had it not been for Old Sparky!
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  14. neophyte

    neophyte Wonderment :) Forum Contributor

    information: Gas systems explained

    The terminology used to describe the way most AR-platform rifles operate—direct-gas-impingement (DGI) or operating rod (op-rod)—can be a bit misleading. The op-rod group describes those systems that use full-length rods permanently attached to their bolt carriers, short- and long-stroke pistons and captive "pusher-rods" to operate the action. Op-rod ARs are often referred to as "piston" guns, a characterization which is true in most
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  15. TheWall

    TheWall Firearm Affectionado Forum Contributor

    The Ruger's are excellent. They have the best customer service out there also. Just start with basic model and everything on these rifles is customizable. Keeping them simple is best. You start adding stuff they can get heavy.
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  16. mdj696

    mdj696 G&G Evangelist

    Your right. I rebarreled so many M-16s in Viet Nam, went from standard barrels to the chrome lined ones. Small cotter pin holds gas tube in front sight. Remove flash hider, gas tube, front sight comes straight off. We would soak gas tubes in a really strong cleaner in barrel and blow them out with air. Special tool needed to remove barrel from receiver. Notch in receiver alligns barrel to receiver.
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  17. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    We all have jobs, can't afford to go protest.
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  18. ?? That statement puzzles me.
    Oops, I see later in the thread this was addresses. sorry.
  19. cooker300

    cooker300 G&G Evangelist

    NW PA
    thanks everyone for all the in put.
    I took step one this morning and ordered a complete lower from Palmetto State Armory.
    thanks to 338RUM pointing it out to me.
    now for the next step is to really start my research and find a upper. also looking at a PSA.
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  20. Wicked109

    Wicked109 G&G Evangelist

    Teesquare, your entire post #32 was a great overvew. I have built two AR-15 clones and your advice was spot on.
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