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I love it. It's new in a box, all black, compact, sturdy, loud to shoot and accurate as heck. The trigger is a little tough with a hard, sharp, almost too long, pull. Has anyone ever buffed one of these triggers up to make them smoother?

I have mounted a 3x9x50 scope on a side-mount bracket from CenterFireSystems and it's really accurate. Its going to be my new deer getter since the round is supposed to be about equal with a .30-30. I'd just like a little lighter trigger. Thanks for any help.

If ya just want to smooth out the trigger pull, you can do as I did and order a new trigger spring from I love the difference it made for me., The site also has how to videos to walk you thru the swap out. Good Luck and congrats. Any pics of your new baby?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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