I just bought a used Henry .22 lever action...

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by dgray64, May 1, 2008.

  1. dgray64

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    It's got some bumps and scratches on the wood some light surface rust on the barrel and ammo tube, and it's pretty dirty inside. I checked the Henry site and they don't offer owner manuals. Is there a source for getting a manual on how to disassemble this rifle so I can clean it up well, before I shoot it? It has a great action. Thanks for your help.

    Dave :feedback:
  2. Email the head guy. I am positive he would give you a manual.

  3. neophyte

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    Henry Repeating Arms

    dgray: "andrew cochran" same idea. Go to the source

    Henry Repeating Arms Rifles

    @718-499-5600 good people to talk to.

    FYI have your Serial# and Model when you call

    Or go to the "Henry" site and e-mail your query with serial# and model.

    follow up with what you find out. Thanks
  4. dgray64

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    Thanks, I'll do that.

    Now to the field report. I couldn't wait to shoot it so I took it out and ran about 50 rounds through it. It works well, though it shoots to the right severely. I noticed that it had an adjustable sight for distance, but not for wind age. Any suggestions on how to adjust the sights? I took it apart, totally, and cleaned it up like new with 0000 steel wool and Hoppes #9, so that there is no rust inside or out and no more fouling either. Now I just want to adjust the sights. Thanks again, I'll let you know about the results of my inquiry at Henry.

    Dave :09:
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    can you put a scope on it? my friend has a henry .17 and it shoots great but im not to sure about adjusting the windage i didnt realy pay attention to that but i can ask him and see what he says..im sure he will know
  6. Big Dog

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    You can use a brass punch to drift the rear sight left or right - as needed.
    If it shoots right, move the rear sight a bit left - a little dab will do 'er! :)
  7. To move the sight it involves banging in somehow.
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    Thought about buying some Brylcreem the other day then remembered I was bald. Couldn't resist!

    It's funny that sometimes when you're out shooting with guys that don't shoot much they're always asking " Now if it's shooting to the left you move the rear sight which way?" Bow hunters have a peep sight and it acts as the rear sight so everything is reversed for them. If it shoots left you move it left.
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    Sooner, you're showing your age. Ah! But "hair cream" wouldn't be doing me much good now-a-days either! :)

  10. dgray64

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    Thanks again. You guys were right. I emailed the company (I had to go out and didn't want to spend a lot of time on hold). I got a nice return email from the president of the company. He directed me to the site where I could download a free manual. He also told me the gun is about 5 years old and I can repair the chipped paint on the reciever with Birchwood Aluminia Black repair.

    That was nice. The manual was even better. It showed how to get it apart and back together (though it didn't recommend it). It listed all the parts so that I could order anything that I need. It explained how to adjust the sights as well. I didn't notice that they are dovetailed to the barrel and you guys are right, I just bump them over a little.

    With the rust gone, the stock and forearm sanded, and re varnished, all it needs is that black receiver repair and it will look like new!. The bullets were sticking a little when the amount in the tube got low as they got hung at the receiver, but I cleaned it very well and lubed it, so I think it will be fine. I'll know tomorrow! Thanks again for the help.

    Dave :09::09:
  11. Billyz

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    So what did you pay for youre new toy?
  12. dgray64

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    I paid $140 for the gun and 2 boxes of shells. I had talked him down a little, but I've bought several off of him over time and always end up ahead in the game somehow. I think it was worth the price.

    Oh and I'm not sure if I can mount a scope on it the way it is set up or not, but I don't use scopes, so it doesn't matter to me. Thanks for the help with this rifle. Have a great day!

    Dave :09:
  13. Well that a pretty good deal even for a used one.
  14. Hotled

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    Great deal IMHO, Henry makes the best action for levers around.
  15. Got a link to the Henry manual? I just got one and it didnt have one with it. It was on closeout. $150 brand new.
  16. Rex in OTZ

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    Dove tail sights and hunting, Ive found from experence that the dove tail sights can work to the side and go un-noticed I started marking the sight's after sighting in with a clean rifle and you get it to shoot were you want & use a prick punch to go off the point of the rear sight so the dot aligns with the point and the front sight use the prick punch and center the mark on the barrel and the post front sight, it even works with Ruger 10/22's the elevator bar on the rear sight can be electric taped in place to prevent its loss and keep it on zero.
    nothing worse than missing a great shot due to miss-aligned sights or missing elevator bar.
    Even in pristeen shooting bench environment a .22 can be outta wack.
    Leaning rifles up is bad if not in a gunrack!
  17. samuel

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    Shoot that rifle off sandbags or a rest before banging on sights.could be trigger pull or such. sam.