I just was introdced to Mosin Nagant

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by cdunlop, May 23, 2008.

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    Hey guys, I am new to this forum and new to the M44. I picked up (4) Of the M44's today for $69.00. They are un-issued, and in mint condition. (the leather and accessories are also in mint condition) Did I get a decent deal? I plan to get a new stock for 1 of them and keep the rest in the safe. I know that they are not an expensive gun, but I could not pass up the deal.

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  2. squirrelblaster

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    yeah thats a good deal on a m44, they go for around $90 around here, and i hate to say it but they where issued, there is vertualy no such thing as a unissued mosin,they where rearsenaled after the war and then unissued until bought buy you. but welcome to the forum! we love our mosins here!

  3. texnmidwest

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    I"ll say that was a good deal! You will enjoy shooting the Mosins. They are cheap powerful and a lot of fun to collect. If you started off with 4 of them I am afraid you were immediately infected with Mosinitis! Now you will need a brace of 91/30s, a couple of m38s, several fins and maybe even a dragoon or two. That should get you through till Christmas!

    Welcome to the mosin club!
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    Even I dont buy them 4 at a time !!!......LOL
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    Welcome to the forum, cdunlop. (And with a new case of Mosinitis, at that!) The M44s aren't my cup of tea, but they're good rifles. Just be sure you decide if you're going to shoot with the bayonet extended or folded, becuase it does seriously affect the point of impact.

    Your M44 looks like it's not covered in cosmoline, which saves you a couple of steps; but I'd still take it down and clean it first before taking it to the range. Pay special attention to the bolt. You might want to soak it in mineral spirits to awhile, or put it in the oven at 200 defrees F. for 20 minutes just to be sure all the cosmoline is out. But that's just me. Enjoy it!
  6. Paper

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    Me neither!!! (except for that time I got 5..)

    Enjoy the new (to you) rifles!!! As mentioned, they're not really unissued, but still in perfect condition..

    What years did you get?? Any of them have a star with an arrow in it on the top of the receiver?? If so, you'll want to sell it/trade it to me.. They're defective and I'd hate to have a new Mosin owner have a defective rifle..:scool:
  7. texnmidwest

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    You ARE an evil person!
  8. Paper

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    Oh.. Did I strike an nerve?? Do you have a defective rifle too??:bigeyes:
    I'd be happy to trade you a nice non-defective one for your defective one.. That's what friends are for!!!:kiss:
  9. texnmidwest

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    Quite frankly I think my rifles need only a thorough testing.:09:
  10. Paper

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    I agree.. I could help as a second opinion..:smoker:
  11. Welcome to the addiction that is Mosin Nagant.:)
  12. Welcome to the G&G forums. Welcome to Mosinitis also. lol Better get a bigger safe or bigger closet, you'll soon be getting more. Everyone that's posted on here they've just gotten one or been introduced to one, soon have a few more.

    Congrats on both joining us and the Mosin...
  13. gandog56

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    Wait till we see what his shoulder says when it gets introduced during his first range session.:09:
  14. rondog

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    My 1938 91/30 has that star w/arrow, does that make it "special"? :confused:
  15. mosineer

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    Welcome to G&G!! And congrats on the Mosins!! They are great old firearms at a reasonable price. They are as fun to shoot as they are to collect. Why rondog, they are all special :) . The 1938 Tula 91/30 is a good find, but the M38 and M44 Tula,s definitely a rarer find. M38 Tula (~50,000) is a rarer find than a Izzy(2,450,000) due to the production numbers it would be "special". The M44 was only produced a portion of one year(1944) at the Tula arsenal "star with an arrow in it", with a guesstament total of only 100,000 produced there, makes a Tula M44 "special" also. Paper... bad boy!!!! In comparison, there were 3,900,000 produced at the Izhevsk (Izzy) arsenal "triangle with arrow in it" in 1944. You can check all production totals here:Russian Soviet Mosin Nagant Numbers
    Good luck and enjoy your new M44's, Hope you like the site and we will see you around the G&G forums
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  17. neophyte

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    cdunlop: Sir; good find:)
    Where did you find them:):)
    Are you going to do MORE pictures:):)
  18. Seabeescotty

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    Has anyone noticed how different the recoil can be, from one Mosin to the next? I have two 91/30's here, and one is manageable, but the other kicks like an M44. Is that strange, or what? Oh, cdunlop, welcome, and dang, that's a lot of mosinitis you got there!
  19. Paper

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    Not as special as a Tula M44..

    Not that there's anything wrong with any of them.. I'm just hunting for a Tula M44 and I want to find one by FINDING one, rather than just ordering one..

    Gives me a reason to ride my motorcycle to gun shops..:09:
  20. SwedeSteve

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    Here's to finding one !