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    Due to the recent facts of Sarah Brady I sent the following to H&R Block:

    I must say that I am disgusted the way H&R Block kowtowed to the HCI group. This has got to be the most blatant act of political cowardice that I have ever witnessed. I read your statement to them from Linda M????(unintelligeble). She stated that you withdrew from the debate in order to "not be used by anyone for a political debate". Are you not intelligent enough to see that is exactly what you did by severing the contract you had with the NRA? Well I have no place in my life for this kind of ignorance and have sold my stock and have decided to use another accounting firm from now on.
    And some Info about HCI that you probably did not take the time to find out. Did you know that when they say "X # of juveniles killed by guns" they are including 18 and 19 yo in that group. This also includes those that are involved in gangs and in criminal activity when they are killed. And are you aware that the founder of one of the support org. of HCI: Sarah Brady; yes the Sarah Brady; Broke gun laws in her state by purchasing her son a gun but did not have him go through the required criminal background check. This is known as a Straw Purchase. This type of Law; which is supported by groups like HCI; is designed to keep criminals from having their friends buy them guns and thus avoiding the background check. Sarah Brady pushes Laws like these, yet does not abide by them.
    Since you have aligned yourselves with radical organizations whose ranking members skirt the law(HCI and Sarah Brady) then I will no longer do business with you.

    Paul Turner
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    Yeah !

    did Sarah Brady really do the "Straw purchase" ? If so...I guess the laws don't apply to the Liberal Demorap politicians :mad:

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    Yes she did,and it happened to be a 30.06,scoped,bolt action "sniper" rifle. True.