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Discussion in 'ATV's' started by Rex in OTZ, Aug 25, 2010.

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    I was looking round and came across this receiver hitch that mounts a ATV power Winch up front, In this case its
    mounted on the front of one them multi wheel ATV's this one is called a Centaur.
    I think the front mounted receiver hitch is a great idea the ability to transfer the winch from front to back opens up all sorts of possibilities.
    Putting a boat and trailer down the ramp would be easy,
    winching up steep slopes, chain off the ATV to a tree and winch up a loaded trailer, crossing boggy ground or snow fields useing a danforth boat anchor, Thinking of putting something like this on the Honda ATV.

    Can you believe the ATV pictured has a rated 2.5mph water speed (basic wheel'd unit) and comes with a Brigg's gas or a turbocharged 30 Horse Dihuatsu diesel engine?

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  2. sprale

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    If it's a pass-through 2" design, I would imagine it would decrease your tongue weight capacity. Other than that, looks pretty cool. I've always liked the idea of having one for my Rover that I could plug in to whichever ended was pointed up :D

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    go to warnwinch.com and look up the producs then look for mounting there you'll find the whole system .i had it on my hpx and rhino and it worked fine