i like the title here varmint hunting.

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    i dont have to hunt them, they come to me where i live. i live at 4000 ft elevation, very rural. the average ranch in my county is 10,000 acres. i have 4 and 1/2 acres in the country. mouintain lions vist my place at night, leave scat next to my deck steps. claw my pine trees. bob cats come also. a couple of wolves ran by my house a while back. we go to sleep with coyotes singing to us. i hate the deer that come into my yard, they are as bad as goats. antelope and turkeys are now only 3 miles from my place. soon they will be here. lets not talk about snakes, you just have to get used to them. i move them out of the way with my cane when im out side. the fed ex man the other day was shook up. when he knocked on my door he said, i had to walk by 3 snakes to get to your door. i just laughed. varmint hunting, i dont hunt them they come to me. we got a skunk living under my deck, likes my outside cats food. i have guns? oh yes and some are by the door for fast use. i do not like mountain lions. they dont call them lions for nothing. we have had close calls around here over the years. they dont back down or even scare at all. a couple of old cowboys woke up in the middle of the night a couple of years ago 15 miles from my house with a mountain lion in their house.3 years ago and 3 miles from my house a lion was after a a 11 year old girl between the dog and her dad it got shot dead. that dog of theirs saved her. lost a real nice out side tom cat to a rattlesnake. do i like it here, yes, it so rural. and i like that. i have a riding mower, any old cripple can ride a riding mower and i do alot. i dont like walking in tall grass though. stepped on a big snake once, if you have ever done that you will never ever forget that. prairie dogs are making a good comeback here. they are fun to shoot. hope no greeny weiners read this. but i like shooting at them. the prairie dogs not the goofy people we get now and then around here. oh yes they show up now and then in their ll bean clothes and cameras. the first thing they do when they get out of their range rover is kiss a rattle snake and hug a cactus. a full blood sioux lady told me that one liner and i love it. she also told me as she was one of my patients, i dont under stand white people and turkey hunting. they spend a lot of money to hunt turkeys here. then she said i just go out on my steps with my 22 rifle and shoot the turkey i want for supper. could the city guys and gals reading this stand to live here. some could and some could not. even my wife is starting to get used to the snakes. she uses a shovel on them.
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    Brother , grab a chair and pour a cup of coffee. I do believe you fit in just fine with this bunch. We are a slightly warped bunch of fellers and fellerettes. welcome to the home from Leavenworth, Ks.
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    i drove 135 mile to and 135 mile back from the hospital to day. through the beautiful sand hills of western nebraska. of course lots of cows. dead deer and lots of big snakes on the highway. i think the skunk under the deck moved out. smell is gone and the cat food is not going away fast. my son was home from college for several days and shot all the grackes from out tress and bushes. in just a week many different kinds of birds ive never seen before moved in. the grackes will chase every bird their is out of a area like mine. when they are gone, all the other birds come back. the cat wont even eat the grackels. they must taste awful. the large black ants sure love them though. we pile them on a large black ant pile and they go to town on them. noting goes to waste here. if i shoot a bothersome racoon i just put him in the ditch on the west of my place and the vultures find him right now. man are they big and ugly. they know good meat when they see it. my son put a trail cam looking at a deer remains behind out place. you would never guess what was all over it. it was crawling with weasels. 12 to 20 of them. all getting what they could what was left of that deer. i like weasels but my out side cat dont. they think they are big mice and kill them. they like to bring them up on the deck to show us what good hunters they are. when my son shoots rabbits in our yard the cats have a good day. they love rabbit. my neighbor recently was sitting in his big recliner look out his big east side picture window. he watched a mountain lion come from the east, cross the road. come up to his house and walk next to it on the north side. he watched it go in the tree groove behind his house where their are lots of rabbits and pheasants. the lion wasnt scared at all, they never are. i like to write about my every day things here in this very remote cowboy and indian country. it gives the members here that are from a big city something to think and dream about. they need relief from where they live. a while back when i could walk good and not chemo crippled. i was walking west of me on a grass trail. i come face to face with a huge and i mean huge racer. he looked like what i would think the devil would look like. we both look at each other. they are very mean and aggressive. i said, oh God my Father, im too old to run, make him move and not me. he did, turned left and went into the tall grass. i then walked home. i had one of the racers strike at me once, he just about got me in the left hip. he was mad and i gave him his space. he was big also. the bull snake i stepped on almost cured me of tall grass walking. i still dont like tall grass. on the rez just 25 mile north of me a young native male when to his mother flower bed to see what his mother was afraid of in the flowers but could not quite see it. he stuck his hand in the flowers and a rattle snake grabbed his are and got his artery. he died with in a half hour. one time i went out to see a transplant patient on a remote little ranch on the rez. when i was their his grand son come walking down the road holdng a rattle snake. had it by the head and the tail. they were used to them i guess. i had another patient in that remote are i had yo walk a mile to. that patient had a wolfdog cross. i fed him a good ham and cheese sandwitch the first day out their.he was my buddy from then on. i dont know how he knew but when i parked my truck a mile from the house to walk in he was their. i always had a ham sandwitch for him and he protected me from all the bad dogs i had to walk by. they didnt dare come near me or he would have killed them in a second. ham and cheese makes for good friends. when you walk in our country, stay away from the yucca plants. the snakes are next to them cooling off. i learned that from the indians. thats my life out here in our very remote land. thank God we dont have grizzly bears here. they are west of us a few hundred miles and they can stay their.
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