I like Trucks!

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  1. [​IMG][/IMG]
    Love my pup! He makes me smile, just thought he might make a couple of yall smile too!
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  2. srt 10 jimbo

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    me too!
  3. Rex_Lee

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    But what a beautiful red x it is.

  4. sniff sniif i didnt even get to see the red x.............
  5. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    Where in the world did you get an invisible dog?
  6. LOL Tap try again buddy. If I ever win a lottery or oil is found on my property someday I'm buying me a Ford or Chevy, It does'nt matter which one but it will be either an F-250 4X4 dually 4 door King Ranch All black inside and out or a Chevrolet version's.
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    WOW!!!!......X-treamly nice.....Does it come in Blue?
  9. Can anyone see it now? I've been able to see this whole time so I'm not sure if its working or not.
  10. White Rook

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    I can see it now. Big Dog with a Gene Simmons tongue....:yup:
  11. grizcty

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    Good looking pup.

    Was this picture taken in England?
    As your driving, on the WRONG side of the road!

    Never mind, your from Arkansas.....LOL :tounge-in-cheek: :yup:
  12. lol,lol dogs and cats a gift from God!
  13. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    Now there's something to smile about. Nice dog!
  14. Actually, in my neck of the woods the roads are just that narrow!!! Gotta hit the ditch to pass someone, and I guess I was kinda drifting towards the middle, lol.
  15. You making yore dog chase 18 wheelers again? You posted one try again. Show us one AH sent you.
  16. Tap your pit has a good looking color. I can tell he's in back of a truck, but the truck can't be seen.
    Do you wish you could carry your dog with you on the job ???
  17. ^He'd absolutely hate that. He begged and begged to go riding one day when I was out running errands. It was overcast but I thought the rain would hold off... I was wrong. I pulled over and put him in the front of my truck, he sulked. He actually would've rather been in the back getting wet! And it was chilly out!

    As far as being a Pitt, he's only 1/4 pit. He's an equal mix of Pitt, Chocolate Lab, Boxer and Bull Mastiff. I haven't weighed him recently, but last I did, he was pushing 75 lbs and since I'd say he's put on around 10-15 more lbs. He's a little over 2 and just now starting to fill out. Before you'd think I was starving him to death he was so freaking skinny. Now, he looks like a huge piece of musclely mass; very protective of my wife as well.
  18. Here's one of him sulking after being made to ride up front to get out of the rain. And the one below it is him playing in the river at Albert Pike.[​IMG][​IMG]