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  1. So Today was my moms birthday so me my family (wife, kids) and my brother and step brother along with my mom and step dad all go out to eat. Well while we are sitting there talking my step brothers new snowmaching comes up. We are talking about it and my step dad looks at him and says " So what are you going to do with the old one? sell it?" and My step bro says "I dont know I really dont care now that I have the skidoo...." Looks at me and says "Want a snowmachine?" I just kinda sat there and was like ... " Um does it run?" he replys " Ya all it needs is a new ignition cause I lost the key and tryed to pick it lol and it messed it up some". Well knowing this I was like "YA!" lol because with alot of older sleds including most arctic cats you can just unplug the switch and the machine goes strait to run! I know I could replace it easy or even jimmy rig it.

    So Im not sure what year it is but i know its an early 90s looking Arctic Cat prowler 440cc. He didnt say if it was a long or short track so im not sure about that yet. Not sure if its air or liqued cooled since I have red that they have used both in the prowler but either way Im happy lol. I got a free "running" snowmachine. Tomarrow Im going over to load it up in the truck and bring it home So I can "fix" the ignition before the snow flys here that away when it does I can take the kids for rides or pull them on the sled with it AND I can use it for hunting :D.

    Either way I have no room to complain.
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    well...Happy Birthday Mom !
    Good score on a Machine for winter.
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    One of my favorite old sayings.

    For free take, buy wastes time!
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  5. One of the things I miss after moving to Arizona is my snow machine.
    Have fun with that sled man.
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    Those things must never die. My daughter and her husband in Fairbanks have friends who race in the tired iron snow machine races every year. I think they have to be 1979 or older but, I'm not sure about the cutoff year. You sure can't beat the price. Have fun ! ! !
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    what!!!!!!! don't you guys use snow shoes and mushing any more??:lol:
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    Congrats AA!!!1

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    Rock on buddy, new B.O.V? can ya but side bags on it? maybe even get a sled for it to hual stuff. See its not even mine and i can help ya spend more money on it,LOL!!!
  10. I have seen saddle bags for the newer sleds but they do make some BIG freight sleds to pull behind them. I plan on making something to bull behind it. Me and my brother one year took a pallet and put 2 skis under it and strapped 2 bananaa chairs on top of it and pulled it behind the snowmachine......what a blast lol. I think I could make a sled If I had too, some plywood 2x2s and some fiberglass.

    Tigercat, Hmm I havnt heard of the tired iron before. I may have to look that one up. That would be pretty cool to see some vintage snowmachine races. And supprisingly, some of those older sleds can get up and move still!

    And larmus during the winter a snowmachine is a good BOV, im not sure yet if this one has a long track or not. If it is a short track I can still get around pretty good but it really is hard in the deep powder with a short track some times. Im hoping it has atleast a 136inch track.

    Papa G Im to lazy lol, no I have never been into snowshoe'in much.....and dogsleds can get expensive, dog food, gear, keeping up on there shots, gear (thats expensive) Dogs them selves, then training ALL of them...... :D I had a couple neighbors that use to do it and they quit because it was time and money consuming and they said that since they didnt live in out in the bush and they DID have cars and trucks to drive around that it was to much of a money pit.

    I leave here in about an hour or so to go get it. wooot I want to go get it now but I dont know if he is awake lol, he did just get back from the slope so he may want to sleep in.
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    New York
    Good score, man!
  13. Well i got it, Its a 94/95 ( he wasnt sure but he said it was one of em) Arctic Cat Prowler 440 Liqued Cooled 121 track. I was hoping it had a 136 but again it was free so im not ganna complain lol. One of these days If I can get a 1 inch paddle track for it I think it woud do OK in the powder, not great but OK. Had to ride it from the front yard to the back, my son has never heard a snowmachine up close so when i fired it up (they are loud) and reved it up he screamed and ran to the house lmao. So after I got it out back I had him come over we sat on it and while sitting on it I started it up and let him rev it a little bit....of course then he started going "Daddy drive! daddy drive!" "Comon dad pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease" lol.

    I wasnt looking forward to the white stuff but now I am lol.
  14. Cheap is good....Free is better!

    Nice Score, should be fun blastin around on it this winter, 'biles are fuuuuuun! Now all you need is a free 'wheeler so you can have a summer "fun machine" too!