I Love MY AK47

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  1. Howdy everyone How you all Been doing Here in AK47 Land?

    if your lOoking for a Nice AK47 Check out the Romanian WASR-10 AK47

    its a Very Nice Rifle I have One I am Geting a second One SOON!!

    here is a Photo of my WASR-10

    This is the Best Rifle / Assault RIfle i have ever used i have fired the American M4 and M16 plus i have used others and this beats them easy!

  2. squirrelly

    squirrelly G&G Newbie

    i got a wasr 10/63 i have been tinkering with.what do you think?

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  3. CAV88

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    ive got a wasr 10/63 ive been upgrading a bit as well as soon as i get up to do it ill post a picture of it on this thread

  4. looks nice i have the same svd style stock on my sks

    i am working on geting my second ak47 with fixed stock so i can have one i may mod a little though a stock ak47 is pretty nice to keep it stock for the ak47 it gets pretty warm when your shooting it 134 az heat in the afternoon lol looking for a pistol grip for the front like the wood version for the ak47

    any ideas where i can get the hand grip by its self?


    PSLMAN G&G Evangelist

    Those are nice looking rifles you guys have.

    WASRs are fun to mod, it's almost like they beg for it.
  6. SwedeSteve

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    WASR's are a great value and a blast to mod.

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  7. jmp8927

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    Those grips are pretty nice. I feel obligated to tell you that they're heavy though. If they'll fit, the AMD sheet metal handguard with polymer pistol grip on it would be a much lighter option and will allow for more air circulation. But then it wouldn't look like an original Romanian, so that depends on what you want.
  8. drtybykr

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    Here is my modded wasr
  9. the wasr is one of the coolest guns that grips that i wanna use really dont make it very heavy i went to a gun store in las vegas few gears ago and one that hade the grips didnt make it too bad it was little big more not alot still most of the time i like to keep my guns the same way i get them just to do they are

    all my Military firearms are stock lol sept my sks which was way heavy with its working Grenade GP lol

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  10. this trip to san diego picked up a Voodoo Tactial Vest so now i dont need to carry my magazines in that Mag Bag which came with my ak lol

    looks sweet aswell has a Place to put my Makrov or Takarov Pistol and Holds like 4 or more pistol magazines and 3 rifle magazines

    vest Matches my Tan BDUS i use out here in lake havasu city
  11. here is my voodoo vest and my bdu jacket

  12. Sprout47

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    ^ Ah Hemmm DCU :p

    hating all you guys with these underfolders btw, and yes I am jealous and want to be able to own one one day lol
  13. PSLMAN

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    You must defect comrade! Come on over to the darkside.
  14. BarryHalls

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    Eh, been there done that, the darkside isn't all it's cracked up to be. . .

    The lightning is nice though.
  15. well the underfold stock is very nice all though once its been fired alot seems a little loose feeling goto take my to a Gun guy i am friends with see if he can Make it better

    Though its Nice and compact it can be a Bit of a Pain in the same Way

    not easy to unfold the weapon or when shooting folded really hard to take off safe to fire takes a bit of work on the users part

    i use my AK when i go off roading in az carry it with me in my Side by side T rex even if your driving you can have it across your chest works good and plus the part its small easy to Move it around inside the cab

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  16. MY AK47 grips have a Name on them!! lol

  17. OldMike1030

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    I love mine too

    It's a WASR 10/63. Nothing special about it, but it's a lot of fun.

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  18. i sold my underfolder about a year and a half ago and i've kicked myself in the @ss ever since.
  19. added a Light to the side of my Gun