I love the memories.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by oneastrix, May 17, 2002.

  1. oneastrix

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    I'm sure this has been done before.....

    I have fond memories of shooting with my Dad. I'm sure most users of this forum are no different. Most sentimental gun you own. I have four. My dad gave me a Kimber Custom Royal, a Beretta 12ga.O/U Model 685L, and then a Lee-Enfield .303Brit (not much value, but I'll never get rid of it). I'll give them to my son and daughter some day.

    My mom gave me a little Sterling .25auto that couldn't hit water if it fell out of a boat! But I'll never let it go.

    Recently, my wife lost her father. She grew up plinking with him. He always promised she would get the gun collection. Then the Mom-n-law sold them all shortly after his death. Wife was devistated.

    Share a memory or short story if you'd like.......
  2. Calvin

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    Sorry to hear your wife didn't get what was promised. That really had to smart.
    As for my sentimental firearms, one is an IH Garand that my great-uncle brought back from Europe in WW2. He never said how he got it, just that he got it. The other is a Japanese Type 99 rifle my Dads' old boss brought back from the Phillipines. I wouldn't take anything for them, and I have had them for years. They've survived 2 tornados, 3 burglary attempts, and a German Shepherd/Huskie mix that tried like all get out to make them a collective pile of toothpicks.
    One, as far as your Moms' Sterling, I can attest to the (lack of) accuracy. I had one for a great while, and I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if I was standing inside it. Looked nice, though, and it sent 2 teen punks packing to parts unknown in a big hurry.


  3. Klaus

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    Why wasn't it in the will?
  4. BattleRifleG3

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    I'm the first gun owner in my family, and will probably never have a firearm that has the value of having been given to me. I once sold a gun to a guy at a gun show who bought it for his grandson, and went home thinking of how much value it would soon have.
    Some day my kids (who don't exist, being as I'm 20 and single) will hopefully have guns with that kind of value.

    oneastrix- I don't suppose you'd be able to find a gun or two for your wife that couldn't be the same, but would be something like what her father had? Just an idea.
  5. oneastrix

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    Klaus....I can't answer "the will" question. I don't know how much her father had in order when he passed unexpectedly. I know that she was hurt over the guns. But **** man, we sure do miss that guy. Good man, strong as 'ole Charleston Heston.
  6. oneastrix

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    Battlerifle....... Save a couple, you'll acquire more over time. I'm only 26 myself. Pass something on at some point. As for getting her something similiar to what her Dad had. She says she grew up shooting a "falling block" .22LR. I don't know what that is...... Anybody know what that is?
  7. wes

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    My Dad's .22 Ranger semi-auto rifle. He bought it when he was thirteen y.o. (1934) finish is a bit worn as he always had it with him in North Carolina. I remember him telling me of some "moonshiners" that chased him off one time,made him mad,so he found their "moon",15 one gallon bottles,15 shot rifle. He shot ALL the bottles,at the bottom,so it would all drain-out.
  8. 7mmag6

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    I just cant sell any gun I aquire,I become attached, for me an old argentine mauser my dad gave me(God rest him)when I was 12, shot my first mule deer with it, I remember cool New Mexico fall mornings, the smell of hoppes#9, my dad and me on the hunt every time I touch it, now if I can find an after shave that smells like hoppes Im in heaven
  9. Big Dog

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    We've hashed this out in our family, and I'll be getting Dad's guns. He doesn't have many, but they have a lot of sentimental value to me, and I'm the only one who'll appreciate them. My sister and her husband are not gun people, though they aren't "antis" either, just no interest. When I go, though, I don't know what'll happen. Neither my sister or I have kids, and I don't have any fellow gun enthusiasts among the greater family. I'll guess I'll have to put some range friends and shooting buddies in my will. Problem is, they're my age or older. Have to think on this . . .:confused: