I love you dremel!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Zephri, May 17, 2008.

  1. Yes I do, I most certainly love the Dremel! The 1994 awb can suck it!
    I present, The black Mamba! I found this name appropriate because it's black and has a kobra (ie. a snake) optic attached.

    It literally took 2 minutes to create a bayonet lug for the type 1 bayonet with a dremel cutting disc.

    Is it sturdy? Yes! I stabbed (bayonetted) the table with it several times driving the bayonet deep into the wood, oh what fun!:veryhappy:

  2. SwedeSteve

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    Nice Job! Nice rifle! How did we survive before the Dremel, LOL?

  3. just_a_car

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    That's really neat, Zephri!

    ...I just wish it would work for my AES-10 with the tabuk/SVD flash hider I have installed. There's no way the ring would get around the large flare on the flash hider to get back far enough. I'd have to take the flash hider off and put it back on through the bayonet ring. Talk about inefficient!

    ...either that or I'd have to get one of the newer ones (which I don't like as much as the first pattern) and modify the same area to accept the bayonet that latches at the base of the handle.:sad2:

    You can see what I mean here:

  4. samuel

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    I find in most cases the firearm doesn't survive very well.Dremmels in unskulled hands usually lead to major repairs that can only be handled by skilled gunsmiths like MM and when a good gunsmith gets a butchered firearm,done by an insane dremmel owner,they usually have no mercy for the butcher/bubba that performed such a henious act.Dremmels are great if you live by the motto of'what is removed wont grow back,and know the difference between a polishing disc and a cutting disc and when and how to use them.An awful lot of firearms have suffered fatal wounds and expensive injuries from mad dremel scientists that didnt realise the consequences of their experiments.I speak from guilt and experience. sam.
  5. SwedeSteve

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    Much of that could be said for a screwdriver Sam! The right tool for the right job, for sure! I do agree that some go overboard with the Dremel.
  6. Cutting off bayonet lugs and creating new ones, or cutting off screws Is as far as I go with the Dremel it has it's place in the tool box, but when it comes to barrels, receivers, bolt carriers, and bolts that's the gunsmiths area.

    btw: jac have you tried putting a bayonet over the flash hider?
  7. just_a_car

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    No, I plan on buying a first pattern bayo like your's anyways, just cuz they look neat, so I'm hoping it will work somehow on my AES-10.
  8. Unfortunately if it does fit over the flash hider you would still need a gas block for the rear of the bayonet to hook on to, otherwise the bayonet will just come off.
  9. Punisher

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    Nice AK. I just held an AK today at a gun shop. The only difference is the folding stock folded under the gun instead of the side like yours. It was $560.
  10. Looks nice Zephri and i like my Dremel too . Iwished the replacement stuff didn't cost so much !
  11. Funny thing is I ordered the replacement gas block and fsb before I did this. So now I have extra parts coming in the mail, I guess this gives me an excuse to buy another post ban wasr and relug it. Of course the purchase wasn't a total waste, I also ordered a sight adjustment tool for the ak and sks from the same company.

    btw punisher 560 Isn't bad for an underfolder given that it's a yugo and not a wasr.
  12. SwedeSteve

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  13. Well, When I received my package there was a hand written note saying that their out of stock of the ak/sks sight tool and will refund my money via my credit card which isn't a problem. The most ironic thing about the note though is it's addressed to me Erick, and the guy who wrote it is named Erik, weird huh?

    ah well, It's on my list now for the next weekends gun show.