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    OK, so I want to strip two M44 stocks I have, and I want to try something suggested here. But you guys are messing with my head! Is it Dawn Power Scrubbers, or Dawn Power Degreaser, or what? So far it has been called 3 things! I would appreciate someone actually reading it off the bottle! It's either that or EZ Off! I just want to try a different approach, and see what happens! Or maybe TSF at a 100m!
  2. Steve... It's Dawn Power Dessolver. Comes in a blue plastic trigger spray bottle. Make sure you use gloves. Rinse in warm water using a brush.

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  3. What exactly does it do? Clean it or strip it?
  4. Both. Powerful stuff. It takes 2-3 applications on older rifles with multiple coats of arsenal varnish. My 1948 M44 needed one application the 91/30 needed 3. It's pretty darned easy though.
  5. Geo is Mr DPD. Geo I like the blueing on that shooter of yours. What kind of ammo does that shoot?
  6. I like the trigger. Shoots whatever comes out of the spout...:09:
  7. So that's another question I have, what does it do to the bluing on a rifle?
  8. Nothing. I recommend disassembling the rifle and striping a bare stock, but I use DPD to clean cosmo out of the breech as well (while dissassembled of course).

    Boiling water, using a turkey baster, into the breech, to pre heat the barrel, spray DPD in the breech, use a 12ga brush and then a .410 brush on a drill to scrub, let set for 15 minutes, scrub again and rinse with boiling water. Wear gloves.

    Or you can use brake cleaner (nasty stuff but it works).
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    dont listen to those guys.they are just fooling around again.
    the ONLY way to do it right is with a 50/50 mixture of cod liver oil and aunt jemima maple syrup.

    you will thank me later.
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  10. If you read the label on DPD, those are the exact ingredients...:09:
  11. billy

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    as an added bonus...

    it makes your stock smell minty fresh too!
  12. I just had that on my pancakes. Yummmmmy.
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    I just do it the old fashion way steve a good stripper and then a light steel wool:)
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    Thats the way I do it too marion! Just wanted to try it a different way. That is why I like this place so much! The new ideas...

    BTW- Thanks Geo.
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    I have always liked a good stripper! :kinky: But wouldn't the steel wool abrade her skin?:34:
  16. SwedeSteve

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    Not if she's growing it....
  17. Well we're back to strippers again... boys will be boys.:scool:

    Unfortunately paint stripper and steel wool won't easily remove 50 year old cosmolene. With PDP you get bare wood... ok, ok I know... it all ties in with strippers.:09:
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    I don't like that Power dissolver for one reason ...It contains Caustic Soda (LYE) like oven cleaner...I use safe stripper...For wood.
  19. SwedeSteve

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    Well I see you made it home!
  20. Moose might not like DPD but it worked great for me.