I need help deciding?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by kman, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. kman

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    with which pump action shot gun to get. I have 3 i have been looking at,

    And they are the 870, benelli nova, and browning bps

    I would like to here what you guys think if you have any of the 3, I picked up an 870 super mag the other day and was shocked by the rasp pump action on it i own a 20 ga express and has been the best shotgun i have had so kinda wondering are all the 870 like this, and also wanted to here how the bps does with it ejecting thur the bottom

    THANKS in advance for any help
  2. HK770

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    I have owned BPS 15+ yrs, its my only shotty. With the three chokes and being able to handle 2 1/2 or 3 inch works for me. As for bottom ejection I've never had a problem. In fact never paid it any attention it just works.


  3. Honestly,

    you need to hold each gun to your shoulder and choose the one that gives you the best balance, swing, follow through, pointability, each of action operation, sight picture, and trigger pull. The one that best meets the most of these criteria is the gun for you.

    It is that simple.
  4. kman

    kman G&G Newbie

    Thank you guys for your quick responses and nathan i have held all three and several of each gun i have found that all fit me about the same the only shotgun i have ever found to fit me perfect is my browning auto 5 it is perfect fit. wish it would eject 2 3/4" and i wouldn't even be looking for a new gun. and i understand well the need for fit i was more interested in how the 3 function
  5. franchi

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    well... browning A5 comes to mind. but im just in love with those...
    you really need to hold all three and base it off of that. the bps has the best quality
    EDIT: i posted this before reading the above post! so if you like the a5 go for it man!!
  6. kman

    kman G&G Newbie

    I have the a5 it will no longer eject the 2 3/4 shells i guess it was bound to happen, cant remember how old it is but a man at an gun show offered my 1,400 for the gun he said one of the best guns ever made, i know its been in the family for a long time, the 3" ejects just fine. use to i could remove 2 friction ring and 1 brass ring and it would eject 2 3/4" but that no longer works. i want a new with the sole purpose of hunting upland birds and squirrels.
  7. big boomer

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    My 870 is 50 years old and is silky quick the new ones are gritty.
  8. stinkybriches

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    mossy 500. i know it wasnt on your list but i wont buy a new pump that doesnt say mossberg on it. i traded a pistol for a rem express mag and its a nice shotgun. i still wish it was a mossberg.
  9. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the three you listed. And, any particular reason the Mossberg model 500 isn't on your list? Just curious.
  10. I don't know anything about the Benelli's but I own a couple 870's that will serve your hunting/shooting needs just fine BUT if you can spend a few dollars more I would spring for the Browning BPS ther just as good if not a couple notch s better than all mentioned. What's not to like about bottom eject ?

    Also you might check our Itahca's shotguns website.

    I'm just curios, why don't you have a gunsmith look and maybe fix your A-5 ?
  11. kman

    kman G&G Newbie

    For starters had good reasons not to list the mossberg i hate em wont ever own anything else that has mossberg on it just my experiences with their products, and before any mossberg fans get up set this is JMO . did have a gunsmith look at the a5, something to to with the newer style ammo not the gun according to him, i can shoot heavy loads thur it makes no sense to me but it works but heavy loads are way to expensive to shot doves and quail,
  12. I like 870's myself. The new express's are pretty gritty new but after they get broken in they are nice. The 870 wingmasters are REALLY awesome though.
  13. sell33

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    I love my nova. Never had one problem with it, even after taking it swimming on one duck hunt. had it back out the next day without so much as a hiccup. They are utterly reliable...but then, most pump guns are.


    +1 on the wingmaster. My dad has one of those and that is hands down one of the best bird shootin guns ive ever shot. I love my nova for bad weather and waterfowl but for upland birds i would prefer a wingmaster. If going 870 though I would avoid the lowest end...Like they always say you get what you pay for.
  14. I've got both a Wingmaster and an Express I got the Express when they 1st. came out. The Express's do wear in or atleast mine has and it's a pumpaction I will never sale.

    If sell33 says the Benelli Nova is an excellent shotgun than I would take his word for it. He's a good guy and know's what he is talking about.
    He is a hunting commando sportsman extrodinare.
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  15. I've shot my friends Super Nova 12 gauge and that was a pretty nice gun. I found it easier to hit clay pigeons with that than my 870 express 20 gauge. I don't know if I liked all the plastic though.
  16. lefty o

    lefty o G&G Evangelist

    best pump gun on the market is the BPS. the others are functional, but have no where near the quality.
  17. Mooseman684

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    Get new friction rings installed and properly set should eject 2-3/4 inch shells.
  18. kman

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    glad to here form you moose been a while sense i been on here and your words of wisdom always makes sense, talked to a gunsmith at gander today(good friend of mine) he said more than likely the chamber and tube need polishing and then it should work fine, he also told me they have been having a lot of the bps coming back with some minor problems and that for the money the nova was the best for the money hands down, and their isnt but a $50 difference in the price between the nova and bps, so with is suggestion in mind and what i will be using the gun for i am going with the nova.

    If i was looking to spend 800 on a pump than the wingmaster would be the one i would get it truly is a great functioning gun, but not one i would want to beat the brush with, and that is the main goal for this gun i will be buying the nova in the max 4 camo monday afternoon and dove season opens saturday so i will give a full report on the gun.

    and lefty the browning is definitely the gun for you because your left handed and i love browning guns you should see my truck it really is a hard decision for me to turn down any browning gun

    I want to think each and everyone of you who replied to this post also made me feel good to see all the familiar names replying to the post
  19. I think I see better into your question

    As you have handled the guns in question perhaps it is more a matter of which you feel will last the longest with the fewest problems.

    If the typical shooter takes care of these guns any of the three should outlast their lifetime.
  20. jashoffa

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    I have experiance with the 870 as a patrol shotgun, I hunt with a Nova and my wife has a BPS. I also have a mossberg Slug gun and a Winchester 1300 defender. Of all of them I have to say that the BPS is by far the nicest pump shotgun on the market today. As stated the 870 experss is gritty in the action, I do understand this gets better with age. The Mossberg's action is okay, better than the 870. the Winchester I have compares to the mossberg in smothness but I have a tendency to short stroke that gun for some reason. The Nova is a smooth action. it handles well and I like it but the BPS is better and the fit and finish of the BPS is 2nd to none when it comes to pumps. The Wingmaster might compare I don't have much experiance with them.