I need help with identifying and appraisal

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    I have some vary old holsters they hang over the front of the saddle. The man I got them from said they were Sam Houston's. The guy is credible but no markings any were. I have some good pics. Thanks Tim

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  2. WOW. They're definitely old.

    Unfortunately, I have no information to offer up. Good luck.

  3. Mmmm,

    given that Sam Houston passed away in 1863 there is just about no chance these ever belonged to him. Also, even if they did you would need a lot of documentation to support this claim.

    It is possible these came from the late eighteen hundreds or even perhaps the early nineteen hundreds but again a lack of documentation makes
    them of not much value on the collector market.

    The leather looks in extremely dry and poor condition.
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    Could they have belonged to A Sam Houston? Sure. THE Sam Houston? Without documented proof, I would have to raise the BS flag as I am sure anything that came from Sam Houston is pretty well tucked away at museums and other private collections. They do look pretty cool, though the leather does look like its seen better days. Cool find anyway!
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    old holsters

    Thanks yal for taking the time and replying. The leather is old and the man I got them from is no longer with us so once again thank you Tim.
  6. A museum might be interested in them and Cowboy Action shooters would probable pay you a nice some for them.

    Contact Dallas a member here or it could be SilverRun, one of the two I "think" got into Cowboy Action...I could be wrong. I think it's Dallas.

    He might can tell you where to get the information your needing.

    Better yet go to a Cowboy Action Forum. That deffinitly would be your best bet.

    If you don't mind I'd like to hear about what you find out about the holsters'


    Edit::: I'm sending you a PM.