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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Big Tool, May 29, 2008.

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    I didn't dry fire my bushmaster before i bought it, but after shooting about 700-800rds i'm positive I dont like the trigger a bit.

    It has so much creep/travel it's almost like a 2 stage trigger. Can this be adjusted by a smith or do i just need to buy a new trigger assembly.

    If so who makes a good drop in trigger for the ar-15's. I've heard timney, any input would be great. Thanks.

    Love the gun, but i know it has alot more potential with a better trigger.
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    Well, are you wanting a two stage trigger or a single stage trigger?

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    which bushmaster rifle do you have, the varmint models do come with a 2 stage trigger. if you have a model with a single stage trigger, parts replacement is the best option.
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    I had a gunsmith put a Kreigger-Milazzio trigger in mine. It is so good the rifle scares me what it can do. I've walked down to some of my DCM (CMP) target's during competition scoring and couldn't believe some of the tight groups I was getting after the new trigger. Haaaa...I actually have looked to make sure I had the right target.

    This link has a general history on AR-15 triggers current and past. Turn down your speakers he is into jazz? and it's loud.

    AR-15 Match Triggers

    Seems to be more triggers on the market since I had mine put in too. I goggled searched and could not find a Keriger-Milazzo web site. Maybe he is out of business. I did get plenty of hits from satisfied customers.

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    I've used the Rock River 2 stage in 2 builds now and love them
  6. Big Tool

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    I guess it boils down to what would be the easiest to install. I like both just fine as long as it's light, smooth, and consistent.

    Nah, it's the target comp model I believe. It's definitely not a 2 stage, but it has alot of travel then bang.

    How was the install on the trigger???
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    Silly question: for slow aimed fire, would it be possible to install a set trigger in an AR-15 type rifle?