I pledge allegiance(say what)

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    >I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United State of America, and to the
    >Republic for which it stands, one nation, under - SPONSORSHIP
    >OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE -, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
    >San Francisco - A U.S. federal appeals court ruled
    >on Wednesday that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public school
    >is unconstitutional because it contains the phrase "under God," a
    >decision that has infuriated politicians from both parties, and sent
    >the United States on a desperate search for a new sponsor.
    >While the U.S. Justice Department said it plans to appeal the ruling,
    >officials are quietly speaking with several potential sponsors
    >interested in having their brands associated with America, and are
    >already test-marketing the phrases:
    > "One nation, under Wal-Mart,"
    > "One nation, under Windows XP,"
    > "One nation, but 24,000 Starbucks."
    >Until an agreement is reached, however, the U.S. will advertise by
    >replacing the phrase "One nation, under God," with "One nation,
    >(sponsorship opportunities available)."
    >While the words "under God" were only added to the Pledge by Congress
    >in 1954, God has been the title patron of the United States since its
    >founding in 1776, and the God name adorns everything from U.S.
    >currency to the phrase "So help me God" used to swear in judges and
    >politicians. According to some analysts, severing that 226-year
    >relationship without an alternative is a mistake.
    >Over the years, the U.S. under God has been a great draw for the
    >major players - Einstein, Solzhenitsyn, John Lennon," said government
    >marketing analyst Gil Treacle. "Without God's brand recognition and
    >infinite marketing powers, you risk losing the marquis names to
    >competitors. Then the networks don't renew, the money dries up, the
    >fans revolt, and the next thing you know, you're Argentina."
    >But others defended the decision, saying it was wrong to force
    >religion on anyone.
    >The phrase 'under God' clearly violates the separation of church and
    >state," said McDonald's CEO Jack Greenberg. "However, there is nothing in
    >the Constitution that separates chicken and state, which is why we're
    >proposing, 'One nation, six chicken McNuggets and a medium Coke, all
    >for $1.99.'"
    >Europeans, meanwhile, seemed to be confused by the uproar. "I don't
    >understand. I always thought it was 'One nation, we are God,'" said
    >British Prime Minister Tony Blair. "Oh my, I've been worshipping them
    >for nothing."
    >Back in America, many questioned whether the United States really
    >needs a patron, and instead suggested the Pledge should include
    >verbiage that simply reflects America. So far, the leading
    >... "One nation, under indictment,"
    >... "One nation, road under repair,"
    >... "One nation, sure, but with cheerleaders!"
    >... "One nation, under yellow alert, please report any suspicious
    >... "One nation, but kinda two if you count Canada."
    >God, in various forms, currently sponsors most nations, with the
    >exception of officially atheist China and Vietnam, and the
    >Netherlands, which hasn't been told yet but is in for a nasty shock
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    LMAO good one 7mm.

  3. LOL that reminds me of the movie Fight Club where the narrator says "when deep space exploriation ramps up, it'll be the corparations that name everything, the IBM stellarsphere, the microsoft gallaxy, the planet starbucks."
    that movie rules!!
  4. The burden of proof lies upon the atheist tp prove God doesn't exist, not for us to prove he does.
  5. Did anyone catch the news where the estranged wife of the idiot that started this chit in California is now in custody of the child and she claims the athiest dad coerced the child against God and is now suing to overturn the decision.


    And, as far as I am concerned...God is the man!
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    In this world those in power wish to stay as far away from GOD as possible...But they need to understand they will see him and he is NOT going to be happy...
  7. Too Many stupid people


    It all comes down to too many stupid people roaming the planet with nothing better to do with their useless pathetic lives than to make anyone who is even remotely happy with their lives, miserable.

    And, if you really like doing something, or believe in something these usless people don't like it is their mission to make sure you see it their way, or are at least forced to comply.

    It is freedom of speech, their way or no way. Their belief system is a model of hypocrasy.

    They added "Under God" in the 50's, the pledge was never written that way, and the useless ones want it out.

    Fine I say, as long as we can take out all the offensive crap the useless types have added to the Constitution, it was never written the way it stands now.

    I will never understand the useless ones stand on things I guess.
    I think we need more dangerous furry animals to weed the stupid ones out of our population, wanna pet the pretty Polar Bear?

    "The Human race is what happens when Natural Selection is no longer effective." {Me}